Monday, May 4, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 39.1

Around 5:30am the next morning, Baron awakened to the most unexpected sounds. Familiar sounds, yet completely unexpected nevertheless. They were all coming from Aurelia, who’d gotten up before him today.

Click, click, click.


Cough, cough.


That interesting sequence of sounds was a normal part of Aurelia’s morning bathroom routine. It had been for years as she endeavored to scratch the back of her irritated throat with her tongue and then clear her sinuses.

Knowing exactly what Aurelia was doing and what was causing her irritation, Baron got out of bed and located the smallest of his suitcases from the closet. Pulling out a pill bottle marked ‘C’, he walked over to the closed bathroom door and knocked.

The human noises inside the bathroom instantly stopped. All Baron could hear now was water running in the tub.

“Is that you, Baron?” Aurelia asked gingerly, horrified that she’d awakened him with her highly unattractive morning sounds.

“Yes. Open up,” he replied, his voice still husky from sleep.

“No, I’m not decent yet. My face isn’t even washed and my teeth are not brushed,” Aurelia protested, even more horrified that he would want to see her this way. She hadn’t even let Cain see her before the completion of her morning routine.

Baron smiled. Women, he thought, rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

“My face isn’t washed either and I’m pretty sure I have dragon breath right about now.” He chuckled. “However, I also have a solution to your sinus issues. But you have to open the door to get it.”

“Oh,” she replied. Even so, Aurelia didn’t unlock the door and open it until after hasting to splash a bit of water on her face and after taking a swig of mouthwash. She also took the time to turn the water off in the tub.

“Baby, all of that really wasn’t necessary,” Baron said, casually leaning up against the wall as she inched the door open a full minute later.

“Yes, it was,” she countered with a grin, readjusting the black plastic shower cap on her head. “Now where is this miracle solution?” Aurelia opened the door wider, revealing a body that was wrapped in a white towel and waiting to get in the soothing hot bath behind her. She’d been given quite a workout last night and well into this morning. Thus her body was in serious need of some pampering.

“It’s right here.” Baron handed the pill bottle to her.

“Vitamin C?” Aurelia said, quickly reading the label on the bottle she received.

“Yes. I used to have bad sinus problems as a child. Back then my morning routine was much like yours, which used to drive my teenage brother Duke up the wall. He liked to study before going off to school each day, but all my coughing, snorting, and spitting distracted him. Tired of my annoying habit, Duke put in extensive hours of study on the subject. After finding a connection between sinus problems and a Vitamin C deficiency, he begged our mother to increase my intake of that particular vitamin. To further persuade Mama, Duke even got a signed statement from several doctors stating that they agreed with his research findings.” Baron chuckled at that memory. “Daddy said that that’s when he knew that Duke was going to be a prime candidate for medical school. He immediately started arranging visits to Ivy League schools. By the time Duke graduated from high school, he had those same Ivy Leaguers begging him to come through their doors and stay awhile.”

Aurelia laughed. “Good move by your father.”

“I agree. Anyway, long story short, my immune system greatly improved and my sinus problems gradually disappeared after my mother increased my Vitamin C intake. I’ve been following the same regiment ever since, though my doses go up and down as needed.”

“Is this prescribed C? Although I believe in what you say, I’m a little leery about taking other people’s medication,” she stated, wisely exercising caution.

“As you should be,” Baron commended with a smile of approval. “No, that right there is an over the counter product just like your common cold medicine. Except I get my supply from a local health food store that specializes in buying products from companies that use purer ingredients and sterilized production processes.”

“In that case, how much should I take, Dr. Weaver?” Aurelia finally twisted the cap off the bottle.

“I usually take a 500mg capsule every morning and then again two hours before bedtime with a full glass of water. I suggest you start with just one capsule daily. The fact that Vitamin C is water soluble means that it will be out of your system in no time after doing its job. You’ll know when you’ve had too much because like a horse, you’ll have ‘the trots’.” He chuckled.

“Got it.” Aurelia snickered. Then she cupped her hand over her mouth to keep from outright guffawing out of consideration for the people still sleeping in the next room. “You definitely have a way with words,” she said in between chuckles as she took a capsule from the bottle, replaced the cap, and then handed the bottle off to him. “Thanks, baby,” Aurelia concluded, before going back into the bathroom for a glass of water.

“You’re welcome.” Baron smiled. “And by the way, I’ve already seen you with crust in your eyes and I still thought you looked beautiful.”

“When?” Aurelia’s gaze snapped back to his.

“Yesterday when I woke up before you. And I stared for a lonnnnng time, too. Even saw a little slobber line trailing down the right side of your mouth.” Baron chuckled at her embarrassed expression. “Now hurry up in there. You’re not the only one with a morning routine.”

“Said the man with the dragon breath,” Aurelia countered, giving him a playful evil eye look.

“Ouch.” Baron winced at her quick comeback before surrendering to a husky chuckle. “Finally, a woman that can match my intelligence and my wit,” he muttered jovially as he headed back to the bed for another thirty minutes of sleep.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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Cute baby giving the ‘evil eye’ (I couldn’t resist linking to this funny video):

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  1. This post was to help make A & B seem even more like real people.

    FYI: I was on a similar Vit C regiment for years during my days of sickness. I'm no doctor and I can only speak for myself, but I believe that Vit C helped to calm my immune system down from so many allergies, clear my airways, and help promote my overall good health.

    Again, this has simply been MY experience. Everyone has to what's best for their own bodies.