Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 42.4

Baron swung around to face his wife, who was standing in the kitchen’s second entrance that led from the rear staircase. “How much of that did you hear?” he asked gingerly.

“Nearly all of it. I didn’t know Mexicans could get just as loud as black folks when arguing.” Aurelia chuckled, entering the room more fully in one of her many new satin robes and matching gowns. This one was golden.

“And that was just our regular disagreement volume. Wait until we get really angry.” Baron smiled, glad that she wasn’t overly upset about what she overheard. “I’m just glad my brothers didn’t cause you to sneak out the back way and leave me again,” he added, turning serious again. The memory of her leaving him the night of Marquess’ last visit was still very vivid in his mind.

“No more running away for me,” Aurelia replied, approaching him with a loving smile. “Although I don’t like what Marquess and Earl said about me, until their opinions become yours, I’m staying right by your side where I belong.”

Baron’s smile returned. He heaved another loud sigh of relief. “That’s good to know, because those particular brothers may never change. To know that you’re willing to hang in there with me despite opposition is very important to me, Aurelia. Very, very important.” His eyes clouded over with pain. To hide that pain, he blinked rapidly and turned to the sink to wash his hands.

Aurelia frowned. She’d seen that flash of pain in Baron’s eyes. She knew Megan had just crossed his mind, particularly how she abandoned him.

“I took our vows seriously, Baron,” Aurelia said, embracing his waist from behind. She relished the feel of his hard bare torso, wished he didn’t have on those blue pajama bottoms. “As long as you treat me right and remain faithful, I’m going to remain your faithful wife through sickness, health, riches, poverty, and despite racism and cultural differences. I’m even willing to put up with you being such a health nut.”

Baron chuckled at her teasing as he dried his hands with a paper towel. “Well, I guess you’re going to remain my faithful wife until I die then,” he said, turning around to face her after discarding the used towel. “Because I’m never going to cheat on all this goodness.” He cupped her bottom and squeezed even as he spoke. “And I wouldn’t dream of mistreating such a beautiful treasure,” he added, squeezing her in an even more intimate place.

“Oh, Baron,” Aurelia purred right before his mouth lowered to hers.

No more words were exchanged as the newlyweds had a post-honeymoon honeymoon right there at the kitchen sink. Breakfast didn’t get eaten until much, much later.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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Story is scheduled to go to the VOD blog at Chapter 46

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  1. I dropped so many clues in Chapter 42 that it ain't even funny. lol.

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