Friday, May 1, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 34.2

Aurelia instantly melted into Baron’s kiss, momentarily forgetting what she’d come here for tonight. All she could think about right now was how good it felt kissing him without limitations. Without the fear of someone walking in on them at any moment. Without having to remain respectful of others when all she wanted to do was get wet and wild with her man.

Wild was the key word tonight.

Their kisses were untamed and feral, producing loud sucking sounds that drowned out the television.

Their hands were wildly roaming each other’s frames, kneading and squeezing everywhere they touched down.

It suddenly became a nudist colony up in there. No clothes allowed! Fortunately for them, there was very little to take off.

“I was just thinking about how much I needed you, baby,” Baron said in between kisses as his hands undid the criss-crossed straps in the back of her dress. “About how much I wanted to make love to you tonight,” he continued, peeling that tight dress off her frame like a banana and then allowing it to drop to the floor at her feet. “About all the things I would do to you if you were actually here.”

“Things like what?” Aurelia panted out, stepping out of her fallen dress and then kicking it aside where his white hotel robe was. Her black thong had been the first thing to go with those quick hands of his.

“Things like this,” Baron replied, tucking his right hand under her left knee to lift her leg before smoothly creating a pivotal first for them.

Their eyes met as they moaned in unison from the delicious sensations attacking their bodies. Everything instantly slowed all the way down as they both realized the significance of this moment.

This was Baron and Aurelia’s first time without any physical barriers between them. The first time he had ever taken her raw. It was sublime.

“I love you,” they said simultaneously.

Smiling at their unity on even that front, Baron leaned in to kiss Aurelia again. His lips moved just as slowly as his hips.

Though standing on just one leg now, Aurelia responded in kind with her lips and her hips. There was no fear of losing her balance. What support the sturdy wall behind her didn’t provide, the gorgeous man in front of her did.

“I have no idea what brought you here tonight, but I am so glad you came,” Baron whispered against her mouth before licking a trail down to the hollow of her neck.

The question, ‘What brought you here?’ suddenly echoed in Aurelia’s soul, causing her to instantly remember her purpose for being here.

“I came here to talk, baby,” Aurelia said, stilling her hips completely before moving her leg from its resting place on his right forearm.

“We’ll talk about whatever you want, beautiful,” Baron replied, smoothly putting her leg back in place. “…after we finish what we started here,” he said, slamming into her on the word ‘after’.

Aurelia squealed with delight, sucked air through her teeth, and moaned at that aggression. “But it’s important, Baron,” she persisted, removing her leg again.

“This is important, too.” He put her leg back in place yet again. “Besides, until I release some of this pent-up passion, I won’t be able to concentrate on a thing you’re saying anyway. Can’t you feel how much I need this?” he asked, slamming into her again on the word ‘feel’.

She squealed and moaned again. “I—”

“Let me have this, baby. Let me have you,” Baron interrupted, continuing to use his mouth and hips to emphasize certain words.

“O…kay,” Aurelia finally consented in a husky whisper. Then she did what she wanted to do all along – get wet and wild with him until they both screamed with ecstasy.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. I can feel the heat all the way in Michigan...;)

  2. Jrboss: There's more to come. No pun intended. lol.