Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 43.1

“Okay, where is it?” Aurelia panted out from the doorway of Baron’s home office. After practically tearing their bedroom apart, she’d run downstairs to satisfy her curiosity once and for all.

“Where’s what?” Baron replied, noting her akimbo stance and her shortness of breath.

What had gotten Aurelia’s dander up on this quiet Saturday evening? After only living here for three days, had she found their Alcove home lacking in some way? Misplaced something? If so, what could it be?

“Where’s your hidden porn collection?” Aurelia inquired, revealing what had her so perplexed.

Baron’s eyes bucked. “My what?!” He chuckled.

“Your porn collection,” Aurelia reiterated, after taking a deep breath to get her second wind. “I’ve cleaned this house from top to bottom since I’ve been here, organized every room, and still found no signs of a girlie magazine anywhere. Is your porn collection underground? In a secret compartment somewhere?”

“You won’t find any girlie magazines on this property, because there are none.” Baron chuckled again, finding the whole thing extremely funny. “Matter of fact, I haven’t looked at one of those since I was a teenager.”

“Oh, so you watch porn on your computer. Is that why you spend so much time in here?” Aurelia came further into his office, looking at his computer with narrowed eyes.

Baron’s laughter grew louder. “No. What is with you and this porn thing?”

“I’m just finding it a little hard to believe that any man, particularly a man that likes sex as much as you do, doesn’t own some kind of porn. Or at least watch it regularly online.”

“All men aren’t porn-noisseurs, baby,” he said in between chuckles.

Aurelia couldn’t help but chuckle now herself, at the new word he just created, and at the delicious sound of his laughter. “All of my other men were porn-noisseurs, including Marshall,” she said, approaching his desk chair.

“Well, this man isn’t,” Baron said, pulling her into his lap. “And why should I settle for fantasy, when I can have the real thing?”

“As I recall, you didn’t seem to mind the fantasy at Count’s bachelor’s party.” Aurelia draped her arms about his neck as she settled into his lap.

Baron chuckled huskily. “If you also recall, I got the real thing that night, too.”

“Yes, you did. Many times.” Aurelia chuckled.

“Can I have the real thing now?” His hips moved suggestively beneath hers.

Aurelia moaned as her core became spastic with need. “Yes,” she replied and then readily offered her lips and everything else to him.

And they were off again. At this rate their honeymoon was never going to end.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

* * *

Story is scheduled to go to the VOD blog at Chapter 46


  1. cute chapter, well written. rounds their relationship off quite well.

  2. Community Girl/Joy: Thanks, girl!