Monday, May 4, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 38.1

You little Cheshire cat,” Aurelia teased upon seeing Baron’s grin in better light. “Why do I suddenly feel like I’m in your class again, Professor?” She couldn’t help but smile herself now.

He chuckled. “Because you just learned another important lesson, that’s why. This time about marriage,” he replied, heading towards the nightstand area.

“And that lesson is?” she prompted, no longer looking at his face. Something else had her attention now.

Is all that mine? Aurelia thought, watching Baron swing that baseball bat like a major leaguer as he strutted his sexy frame across the room. She couldn’t wait for him to hit a homerun with her.

“That lesson involves us doing what we can to put each other’s needs first,” Baron replied, picking up the remote from the nightstand.

“I get it. You put my need not to be embarrassed before your need to make love to me tonight,” Aurelia said as he turned the TV to a music channel that played slow tunes from all over the Caribbean. Soon Alaine’s Deeper started to play in the background. “I, in turn, put my need aside for yours when I realized just how important it was to you. Now we’re both about to get what we need,” she concluded.

“Excellent. Brilliant as always,” Baron replied, heaping praise upon her as he often did in the classroom. Fortunately, in this particular classroom he could give her so much more than accolades and high marks. “Come here, Mrs. Weaver. I haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy a first dance with my wife yet.” He extended a hand and a smile to her.

“Certainly, Mr. Weaver.” Aurelia smiled in return and rose to her feet with his assistance.

As the newlyweds danced slowly together, moving sensually as one, they kissed just as slowly. With each new kiss, they fell deeper in love.

Aurelia’s dress fell as well. Thanks to Baron’s hands, that brown material fell all the way to the floor. When she stepped out of it, he kicked it aside, despite how much it had cost him.

With no barriers whatsoever between them now, Baron’s lips began a slow descent. From Aurelia’s mouth, he traveled past her chin, her neck, and her collarbone until finally settling at a ripe melon. His tongue swirled around the rigid peak he found there twice before his mouth opened wider and engulfed as much of that delicious fruit as it could. A hand tended to her other melon, making sure it was not neglected.

Aurelia moaned and arched towards him. Thankfully the music had been turned up loud enough to muffle any lovemaking sounds, but not loud enough to disturb other guests, including Emile and Trent.

All regular dancing came to a halt. The dance of love had begun in earnest.

Supporting Aurelia’s back with one hand while he sent the other to her valley, Baron once again demonstrated his sexual prowess, his ability to send her over the edge from foreplay alone. Moving to the other melon and feasting just as voraciously, his ministrations soon had her whole body trembling with release. Her knees grew too weak to stand as violent shudders wreaked her frame.

But why stand when one can lie down?

Quickly snatching fluffy pillows from the bed, Baron lowered Aurelia gently to the thick carpet, placing her head comfortably on one of the pillows. Just as Alaine’s Sincerely In Love started to play in the background, he joined his wife in pure wedded bliss. Their corresponding moans mingled with the ravenous kiss they shared to seal that pivotal moment.

“I love you,” Baron whispered seconds later, supporting his weight on his arms as he sunk even deeper into her clenching canal. What an amazing place for a husband to be when his wife was still in the throes of ecstasy.

“I love you, too,” Aurelia whispered back, digging her heels into the carpet as she arched her hips for even more of him. She never wanted to come down from this mountaintop.

Withdrawing just enough, Baron drove home again, giving her more of what she wanted. More of what she needed.

Aurelia sucked air through her teeth and moaned softly. She rolled her hips in a slow counterclockwise motion, urging him on in his possession.

“Aye,” Baron moaned out in Spanish, withdrew and drove home yet again. Harder and faster this time.

Aurelia shuddered again and started clenching around him even stronger. Her eyes closed in ecstasy. Her tongue licked the circumference of her top lip before biting down on the bottom one.

Baron almost lost it then and there at her intense reaction to his loving. But it was too soon. He’d waited too long for this night to pop so fast. Biting down on his own bottom lip just to keep focus, he slowed the pace all the way down.

At the new tempo, Aurelia’s eyes fluttered open. She smiled knowingly up at him. A mischievous gleam entered her eyes right before she pulled not one, but both legs up behind her head.

Baron’s eyes bucked at all the access she’d just given him. A longtime fantasy that had been spurred from a Shakira video that he once saw leaped to the forefront of his mind.

Was Aurelia about to make that fantasy come true tonight? Baron’s body grew even more rigid at just the possibility of that fantasy finally becoming a reality in his life. There was no way he was going to be able to hold on now.

“Take what you need of me, baby. Get it all,” Aurelia urged in a whisper, prompting him not to resist the inevitable.

A primal grunt surged up from his throat as a fresh dose of adrenaline shot through his body. Shifting his position until he was on both knees and hovering slightly above her with strong arms on either side of her body, Baron did as his wife requested. He took what he needed of her. Fast, feral, and oh so fervently.

From the onset of all that passion, it was easier for Aurelia to keep her flexible legs in place than it was to keep her eyes open. Every few seconds they wanted to close in bliss from the delectable sensations alone that her husband’s incredible lovemaking produced. Did the man operate in excellence in every area of his life?

Through sheer willpower Aurelia kept her eyes open. She refused to miss those deep plunges, rapid pistons, and all that drilling. It was intoxicating to watch such love and passion in action. She almost felt drunk with desire.

Unable to hold on for much longer, Baron stretched himself over the entire length of Aurelia’s body again, lowered her legs and tucked them about his waist. Then driving deep one last time, he captured her lips and muffled his shout of ecstasy as he went soaring over the edge of reason.

Aurelia went right over the edge behind him, clinging to his glistening frame with her arms and legs as she did.

“I’m in this for life. I will never leave you. Nor will I ever cheat on you. You and you alone will be the only woman to have my heart and body until the day I die,” Baron vowed impassionedly when he had enough breath to speak again.

“There will be no one else for me either,” Aurelia replied, more than ready to spend the rest of her natural life with the man who had restored her faith in love. True love.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

* * *

Alaine’s Deeper

* * *

Alaine’s Sincerely In Love

* * *

The video Baron saw of Shakira:


  1. Whew! I had the hardest time writing this honeymoon scene. First of all, it was totally different from how I originally sketched it out. I had to re-write the whole thing.

    Secondly, I had a hard time finding just the right music. I tried to find slow soca tunes, but the ones I came across were still too fast for that pivotal first dance and not romantic enough. I ended up looking up soft reggae and discovered a gem in Alaine.

    Thirdly, the honeymoon scene kept trying to get away from me. It was getting too long and I had to find some way to cut it without cutting the key elements from it (love, passion, intensity, and even a bit of humor).

    I hope you like it.

  2. Prina that love scene was HOT!!!HOT!!!HOT!!!...Well done and now I want me a Baron. How can u make us want one of your male characters each time you pen a new one. Milsap, Bonz, Gene, Kentucky, & Royal just to name a few but I know we must have some brothers out there on the same page as these guys I pray.

  3. Subrina: I was waiting for somebody to give me feedback on this scene. I wanted to see how it came across to others. After struggling with it for so long, I just couldn't be objective enough about it to tell if it was good or outright crap. lol.

    As for how I get y'all to feel the male characters each time, I honestly don't know. I guess it starts with me liking them for myself and then trying to spread those good feelings to y'all. To know that you do share those feelings makes me so proud of the work I'm doing/have done.

    Thanks for the feedback, Subrina.

    P.S. There are brothers out there like that. Where? I don't know.

  4. i have to AGREE with Subrina... If i wasnt taken i would definitely want me a BARON!!!!!!