Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Professor - Ch. 41.3

Upon returning to his suite, Baron found Aurelia out of the shower, attitude free, and ready for some loving. When she threw the covers back and revealed all that delicious bare chocolate, he literally drooled and completely forgot about his brief encounter with Oliver Jean-Baptiste.

Baron also forgot to give Aurelia the diamond bracelet. It fell to the floor along with the pants whose pocket it was in.

After they’d made love twice, Baron finally remembered the bracelet, retrieved it from his black trousers and presented it to his wife. “I thought this would look good on your wrist. It goes well with that big rock on your finger,” he said, handing over the box as he settled back upon the bed again.

“No, Baron.” Aurelia shook her head, putting the expensive gift on the nightstand without even opening it. “If you really want to give me something else, give me something priceless,” she said, moving to lie on top of him with her elbows and knees on either side of his body.

“Priceless like what?” Baron asked, reaching down to give her bottom a firm squeeze.

“Like a goatee.” She reached up to trace his lips with her right index finger. “For the longest time, I’ve wondered how your gorgeous lips would look framed by a goatee. Will you grow one for me?”

Baron smiled. “Yes. I actually used to wear one during my college days. I cut it off before I started teaching, hoping that the clean cut look would help me land my dream job.”

“Did it?”

“Yes. I got a couple of dream jobs with this look, including the one that I have now.”

“Will re-growing your goatee cause you to lose your current dream job?” Aurelia’s finger stilled on his bottom lip as she waited for his answer.

“I seriously doubt it. If I lose my job behind anything it will be because I married you, not because of some hair on my face, which I am going to grow back, by the way.”

Aurelia shot completely upright. “Oh, Baron, I don’t want you to lose your job! You’re a great teacher. The students at AU need a professor like you.”

“I don’t want to lose my job either, but I’d rather lose that than you,” he said, not looking too concerned as he pulled her back down upon him again.

“I’m going to pray that you don’t lose either.” Aurelia willingly returned to her former position and snuggled against his hairy chest.

“Please do. Heavenly help is always welcome,” Baron answered, showing respect for all things spiritual. “Now I need you to do something else for me.”

“Name it,” Aurelia said, ready to travel to the moon and back for her wonderful husband.

“I want you to join a sorority when we get back to California.”

“A sorority?!” Aurelia exclaimed.

Baron laughed at her shocked tone and expression. She clearly hadn’t expected him to say what he did. “Yes, a sorority. Not only do I want you to start enjoying your college days for a change, especially now that they’re almost over, I think that a Greek affiliation would be great for networking purposes and also allow you to look more well-rounded on your resume. I’m a Sigma myself. Purple and gold all the way, baby.” He chuckled.

Aurelia laughed, too. “Bambi has been after me to join the pink and reds for a while, especially after my routine helped them win that Christmas talent show,” she shared. “Plus, I’ve always secretly wanted sisters. Most of my cousins are boys and the ones that are female aren’t even past five years old yet. My attempts to turn friends into sisters have all failed thus far. Maybe joining a sorority is an instant way to get sisters without having to put in so many years of hard work.”

“The Kappas are a great group. Very community oriented at every college I’ve known for them to have a presence at. They certainly have a rich history, being among the first Greek sororities that were established and incorporated by black college women,” Baron cited.

“True. Unfortunately, they don’t hold a candle to the Deltas at our school when it comes to winning the annual Greek step show.” Aurelia chuckled.

“Maybe you can help them win it this year. You definitely have the talent for dancing and choreography. I can personally attest to that.” He squeezed her bottom again and pressed her closer to his hardened desire.

Aurelia moaned at that intimate contact. “I’ll pledge Greek as soon as we get back. Right now, I want to pledge more love to the handsome Latino beneath me,” she said, moving to join them again.

“Yes,” Baron agreed huskily, offering his all as he rolled his hips upwards to meet hers.

© 2009 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier


  1. That's the last post for the night. Going to respond to comments now.

  2. noooooooooooooo..... i'm sorry i hate the goatee idea.... suprina *sniff sniff* pls don't!!!!

  3. Kim: Sorry to do it to you, girl. But that's what the man's wife wants. Plus that goatee serves a purpose later in the book.

    lol. Your strong reaction to this man (Baron) is so funny to me. I don't remember you being this into Royal, Bonz, or Gene. What gives, Kim? lol.

  4. Jessie11:38 AM

    Is it going to serve the same purpose as Royal's? Will it stay on until the point that one cheats or almost cheats, as in Royal's case with Delia?

  5. Jessie: Baron's goatee has nothing to do with anyone cheating. Can't say much

    Btw, are you against the goatee, too, Jessie? Did I mess up and show y'all those pictures of JenCarlos (Baron's lookalike) and now y'all stuck on his original look?

  6. I'm very attractive to a man with a goatee...I like the ideal Prina.


  7. Subrina: I like goatees, too. Obviously not all women agree, ain't calling no names (Kim. LOL!).

    For real though, goatees just aren't for everyone. Some men don't even look good in them to me. That's one of the beautiful things about being an individual - you can be different and like different things.

  8. *sniff sniff sniff* Suprina, he has the most gorgeous pink lips and now its ruined with a goatee.... OKAY everything about him is gorgeous.... and i can't explain it.... i love this fictional character!!!!
    i did like the others too... i think i especially liked Royal... he was gorgeous too, i thought so of the CSI character as well!!!

    dont laugh, my hubby has a goatee... but it looks REAL GOOD ON HIM... but it wont suite BARON... please could you tell Re Re to tell him to shave it off!

    *sniff sniff sniff*

  9. Kim: LOLLL!!! Girl, I couldn't help but laugh at your comments. So honest and so very, very funny.

    I bet your hubby looks good with his goatee. I saw your wedding photos. He's a cutie that's for sure, with or without facial hair.

    As for Baron, the goatee will stay on for awhile. When/if it comes off, it will be for a good reason.