Monday, November 24, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 9.3

“Whew!” Ruby said once Toby was out of hearing distance and the window had been raised again. 
“Exactly.” Gavin relaxed against the headrest and blew out a long breath of relief. 
“Were you scared, too? If so, I sure couldn’t tell. You hold your feelings in way better than me any day. By the way, thanks for covering for me.” 
“No problem. Composure under pressure is necessary to practice any form of medicine. As for being scared, I think I was more worried than anything else. Not only am I trying to do something good in this area, but I just got my commercial pilot’s license and plan on starting a private jet service soon, so I really can’t afford a sex scandal. Especially since I intend to reach a certain level of high-end clientele. In a way, I guess I covered for us both tonight.” 
Ruby’s eyes bucked. “You’re starting a new business?” 
“Yes, I am.” Gavin chuckled at her expression. “I became a dentist because my father’s busy clinic needed a good one during its foundational stage. I became a pilot because I needed to do what ultimately made me happy. I’m hoping to phase myself out of my father’s practice soon and concentrate more fully on flying.”
“With goals that lofty, why risk your reputation for hot sex in a car with a stranger?”
He suddenly became very serious. “That’s a loaded question with an equally loaded answer. Not only do I think you’re worthy of taking a chance on, there’s a part of me that likes living on the edge just as much as you seem to. If I had to do our backseat romp all over again, I’d do it…and you in a heartbeat.” 
“Oh.” Ruby didn’t know what else to say after that. His honesty and compliment clouded her thinking all over again. They also had her body humming with desire again.
Snap out of it, girl. He’s just a man, she told herself, forcing her mind back on track. “With this new business venture, what’s going to happen to the clinic you started in Blue-eyed Hollow?” Ruby said aloud.
“I’m still going to do that on the weekends. Keeping my word to my father means a lot to me. If I can get more doctors to sign on to the project, I may be able to turn it into a full-time wellness clinic. One where the whole person is tended to,” Gavin said, unlocking the door nearest him. “Now if we’re through talking about business, can we go up to my room now? I want to make love to you in a real bed. I want to see if you really are the Energizer Bunny’s fraternal twin.” He chuckled, revealing that ready sense of humor he had.

Ruby laughed. “Don’t you think we should wait until our fake honeymoon to share a bed?” 
Gavin leaned in close to her right ear. “Red, if I have to wait longer than five minutes to get inside of you again, we might get arrested tonight after all.” He gently bit her ear before withdrawing. 
Ruby shuddered. Her laughter instantly dried up at those words and at the look of sheer hunger upon his face. She could almost taste his desire. “I’m right behind you, sugar. Just let me get my purse and keys.”

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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