Friday, November 28, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 11.1

Miss Energizer Bunny is dog-tired now, Ruby thought, lounging on her stomach in the queen-sized bed of Gavin’s hotel room. She was exhausted after three hours of nonstop vigorous lovemaking. Her white flag of surrender was raised high.

Gavin had taken her up against the wall as soon as they entered the room, then on a table, and finally on the edge of the bed. Each time had been slower than the last. Afterwards he carried her to the shower, washed and dried them both, and then insisted they get some rest. 
Though tomorrow was Sunday, they both had somewhere to be before noon. As usual, Ruby had to balance the books at her father’s auto shop and make sure the weekly reports were ready by the time he came home from church. Gavin had a 12 o’clock flight to catch, which meant he had to check out of the hotel by 10am in order to make it to the airport in enough time to go through all the security checks before his plane left.
Yawning for the umpteenth time, Ruby turned her head to the left side of the pillow. She wanted to look at Gavin one last time before she finally closed her eyes. To her surprise, he was wide awake, though quiet as a mouse and very watchful.
“I thought you were asleep.” Ruby smiled at him. 
“I dozed off for a minute, but my eyes refused to remain closed. They didn’t want to miss how beautiful you look with moonbeams dancing across your body,” he replied, perusing her bare frame as she lay atop the burgundy covers. “Especially your bodacious bottom.” He reached down and gently squeezed it.
She moaned, loving his touch. “You’re looking kind of beautiful yourself right now,” she said, speaking truth. He looked even more handsome in the moonlight streaming in through the drawn curtains. “And I just love your brown sugar skin.”  She tenderly caressed the left side of his face.
Gavin closed his eyes and shuddered at her touch. When he reopened them, he took her hand in his and kissed her palm.  
Ruby moaned again. When he leaned closer to kiss her lips, she readily parted them. As the kiss deepened, she soon forgot all about how tired and sleepy she was. She felt reenergized, able to go one more round. One more hard round. And yet Gavin would not allow it.
“Just relax and let me do all the work this time,” he said, hovering over her frame as he donned new protection.
“You sure?” Ruby looked back at him over her right shoulder. “I am a team player, you know?”
“I know and I enjoy your teamwork immensely. However, this time I want to cater to you a bit. Is that okay?”  
“Fine with me.” Ruby nodded and then returned to her reclining prone position.
“Great!” Gavin smiled. After placing a pillow underneath her stomach, he planted a trail of kisses from her shoulders to her bottom.
Ruby couldn’t contain her moans as he licked the fullness of her mounds. She squealed when he nibbled on the lower crests before sucking them. Her core wept, crying out and clenching in wait of fulfillment.
Finally he joined them. She eagerly arched toward him so that he could quickly fill her to completion. “Yessss,” she purred when she had all of him.
Let the ride begin!
Gavin didn’t start off at a gallop like Ruby thought he would. Instead he took his time stroking her from behind. His thrusts were strong. Each advance came with an upward surge that lifted her hefty buns better than any squats and lunges she’d ever done. If he kept this up for long, she would be able to balance a whole set of wine glasses upon her butt instead of just one.
“Oh, sugar. You’re so good to me,” Ruby said, looking back at him again.
“You have no idea how good I can really be to you, Red,” Gavin replied, lowering his frame upon her as he tucked his arms underneath hers and hugged her close.
Before Ruby could answer, he began to bombard her body with explosive thrusts that had her panting, squealing, and outright grunting out her pleasure. Grunting!
What kind of man was this to elicit this type of animalistic response from her?
The kind of man that knew his way around a woman’s body. The kind of man that made pleasing his woman top priority.
His woman?
Ruby wasn’t Gavin’s woman. And yet she found herself wanting to be his woman with each new thrust. When he revealed tremendous upper body strength by balancing his weight upon his arms while drilling deep into her core, she knew then that it wouldn’t take much to commit her body solely to him.
No other man would be able to bring her this kind of pleasure. Of that she was sure.
Gavin Sweetwater, you’re going to be a hard act to follow, Ruby thought as she went over the edge with a loud shout and the kind of bucking only seen in rodeos.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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