Friday, November 21, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 8.2

         Within seconds, their protection was in place. Though the back seat was roomy, it was not big enough to accommodate certain positions. Especially with a man as muscular as Gavin. Therefore Ruby opted for the position of power. She actually preferred this position and would often request it with her partners. 
Slowly sliding down the hot length of him, she moaned with pleasure as she felt her body stretch to accommodate his extraordinary presence. From their sensual dance at the club and from all the exploring she’d done in the car, she knew he was above average in length and width. No wonder they had to use the premium gold condom pack instead of the regular silver one. 
“Don’t be shy now, Red. Get it all.” Gavin squeezed her bottom as he thrust upwards to join them completely in one smooth motion. 
Ruby let out a squeal of surprise and a moan of delight as he immediately hit her special spot…without even trying to. Her inner muscles instantly clenched around him. Rivers of passion flowed downward. 
Gavin sucked air through his teeth and groaned loudly. “Oh, baby, you were even readier for me than I thought. Don’t worry. I’m not stingy. I’m willing and able to give you as much as you need right now.” He squeezed her closer and began to hit her special spot over and over again. Faster, too. He drove deep. He stroked strong. 
In awe of him, Ruby could do nothing but hold on to Gavin as her body shuddered violently with release unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. Was she a cow being milked? Because every move he made produced another climactic stream. The whole back seat was going to be flooded if he kept this up. 
Ruby should have known sex with this man was going to be very different from her last one-night-stand based on the chemistry they had at the club alone. Gavin seemed so in tune with her from the beginning. He was even more in tune with her now. 
Needing time to regain at least some of her composure, Ruby lowered her body upon his torso and kissed his lips. Slowly. She had to slow this man down, lest he drive her clear out of her mind. Or worse, drive her straight to Emotion City. She didn’t have the time or the desire to catch feelings for anyone.
Thankfully that kiss was enough to prompt Gavin to slow down. It also gave Ruby some time to regroup. When she was in control of herself again, she broke the kiss and took the lead as she originally intended. 
Anchoring her hands upon his shoulders, she rode him true cowgirl style. Her body relished the hard feel of his frame. Her ears soaked up the loud groans and moans he uttered as they climbed higher and higher toward ecstasy again. Slowly this time.  

Ruby’s ears grew hot as Gavin filled them with colorful terms of all shapes and sizes. The things he said were not degrading, but they were things one wouldn’t expect such a distinguished man to know, much less utter. And yet he said them fluently and with great emphasis, as if he was the originator of them. 
Watching Gavin’s face by the moonlight streaming in from the clear upper portions of the foggy windows, Ruby could see his handsome features contort with sheer bliss as his eyes fluttered open and closed. He was definitely enjoying her just as much as she was him. That gave her even more pleasure. 
Gavin wished he could keep his eyes open long enough to gaze upon Ruby’s loveliness. It was hard to focus on much of anything with all the slipping, sliding, and clenching going on. Her inner muscles had him in such a tight grip that every retreat was just as stimulating as every advance. It was as if she wanted to hold on to him forever. 
Gavin had no complaints about that. He kept arching his body and squeezing her closer so that she could continue getting as much of him as she desired. He also kept sucking, nibbling on and lapping at her peaks thanks to the slower pace. No woman had tasted sweeter or felt better to him.
Not a full minute later, they both went hurling over the edge of passion. Loudly. Simultaneously, Ruby’s cell phone began to play That’s What Friends are For by Dionne & Friends.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier 

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