Monday, November 10, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 3.1

“Excuse me, sir. Do you mind if I sit beside you?”
Gavin’s eardrums hummed at the unexpected sound of that lovely female voice behind him. He turned around to see who it belonged to. When he laid eyes on the owner of that voice, his breath suddenly caught in his throat and his pulse took off at a gallop.
Was this gorgeous redhead real? Were her eyes really violet-blue like Elizabeth Taylor’s? And her body…
No woman had a right to that many curves. She was voluptuous on the top and bottom with a small waist in between. She had a true hourglass figure.

“N…no, go right ahead,” Gavin stammered out, wondering if she was a prostitute based on the way she was dressed. His mind instantly began to expand with possibilities as his eyes roamed her skimpy orange and white outfit.
Though most men would be afraid of loose women in this day and age of rampant sexually transmitted diseases, Gavin wasn’t. His inner wild side, the side that he now suppressed on a daily basis, craved dangerous situations. He enjoyed living on the edge. It made life much more interesting and enjoyable for him.
“Thanks.” She smiled, revealing two rows of healthy gums and straight teeth. She was in no need of a dentist with teeth that white and bright. “By the way, I’m Ruby,” she said, easing her scrumptious frame into the matching black and white bar stool beside his.
“Nice to meet you, Ruby. I’m Gavin. Dr. Gavin Sweetwater,” he replied, extending his right hand to her. Would she be overly impressed with his title like so many others before her? Or would she continue to treat him like a regular person the way he preferred?
“Nice to meet you, too, Dr. Sweetwater. Sweetwater, as in the new dentist in Blue-eyed Hollow?” Ruby said, shaking his hand.
“So you’ve heard of me?” Gavin suppressed a moan of pleasure at the way her fingertips tenderly caressed his palm as she slowly released his hand.
“What resident of Blue-eyed Hollow hasn’t?” Ruby chuckled. “My hometown is so small, I could throw a rock out of a window and news of where it fell would make it into the Sunday’s paper.”
Gavin laughed. “And what do you do in Blue-eyed Hollow, Ruby…?” he paused for her last name.
“Ruby Dee Hudson.” She smiled, supplying her full name like a badge of honor. “I’m a mechanic by day. An aspiring cinematographer by night.”
“That’s fascinating,” Gavin said, surprised by her lack of rural accent. He was also surprised by her primary occupation. She was dressed more like a lady of the night than a mechanic. Plus there wasn’t a speck of grease or grime underneath her clean fingernails. There were also no rings on any of her fingers. 
Maybe she lied about her occupation. Maybe she’s a hooker after all, Gavin mused. On one hand, he hoped she was telling the truth. On the other hand, he hoped she wasn’t. 
If Ruby was a ‘respectable’ woman that just liked to dress extra sexy and let her hair down on occasion, then Gavin was probably going to have to work harder to get her into his bed tonight. It might even take longer than a month since most respectable women liked to make a man wait for sex. Problem was, he wasn’t sure if he could go to sleep another night without gratifying his flesh with female flesh. 
Maybe I should just move on to the next woman, Gavin contemplated. He had seen a pretty brunette that caught his eye at the end of the bar. Unfortunately, he didn’t want the next woman. He wanted this woman - the fiery redhead! 
“So what brings you to the Blue Ridge mountain area, Dr. Sweetwater?” Ruby asked, instantly drawing him from his thoughts. 
 “Please call me Gavin. Dr. Sweetwater is too formal in this setting,” he said, inwardly deciding to go after her and her alone. He would consider himself a lucky man to look down into those breathtaking eyes while plunging endlessly within her depths. The thought of that made him hot enough to shift in his seat.
“Of course, Gavin,” Ruby replied, giving him a sensual smile as if she knew exactly what he was thinking.
He grinned, loving the sound of his name from her lips. “In answer to your question, my father is the reason I’m in the area.”   
“Your father?” Her left brow lifted at those words.
“Yes, he was raised in Blue-eyed Hollow almost to the age of ten. He always dreamed of coming back here at his retirement. He wanted to spend the rest of his days looking around at those beautiful blue mountain ridges. He also wanted to help the community that gave his mother financial assistance for a new life when his own father died.” Gavin took a deep breath and sighed, releasing the latest wave of grief he felt. “Unfortunately, Dad got sick with colon cancer a year before his retirement. On his deathbed, I promised to go to Blue-eyed Hollow in his stead and make something positive happen.”   
As Gavin talked, he became even more surprised by how comfortable he felt around Ruby. From the moment he looked into her beautiful eyes, he felt a connection with her, as if they were kindred spirits. No wonder it was easy to tell her things he seldom told anyone. Now he wanted to know more about her. 

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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