Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 7.2

Gavin wasted no time going around to the passenger side of Ruby’s jeep. It was already unlocked, so he was able to go right inside. Once he was comfortably seated and the windows had been raised, he picked the conversation back up where they left off.
“Okay, so tell me why you and your friends thought I was gay. Is it the new cologne my mother gave me for my last birthday? I thought it smelled like a rain forest. Maybe you think it smells like a flower garden instead,” Gavin said teasingly.
He wasn’t the least bit upset about their false assumption, just curious as to why it was made about him. Besides, it would be hypocritical to get upset about that misconception after pegging her for a hooker. Wisdom dictated that he not share that particular error in judgment with Ruby now or ever for that matter.  
“I like the way you smell.” She laughed. “It’s woodsy and spicy, very manly.” To prove it, she leaned over and took a long, deep whiff of him. Her laughter quickly turned into a moan seconds later. “Yes, very manly.”
“I’m glad you like it,” Gavin said in a husky tone. Her nearness had him granite beneath his robe. “I like the way you smell, too.” He inhaled deeply of her scent. “Very womanly and delicious.” He licked his lips.  
Ruby moaned again.
At that moan, Gavin started to lean in for a kiss. He refrained when she quickly returned to her seat, cleared her throat and begin talking again. He smiled to himself. It amused him that she was fighting her attraction to him.
Let’s see how long that’s going to last, Gavin thought, convinced that Ruby wanted him just as much as he did her. And yet he would not pressure her to give in, no way, no how. He liked willing vessels.
“The reason the whole gay thing came up in the first place is because you basically ignored one of the prettiest blondes in two counties when she tried to come on to you,” Ruby said as she turned off the car.  
Gavin shook his head to refocus. “You must be talking about that Anna Nicole look-alike that came to my office on Friday. Nancy something or other. Or maybe it was Nollie.”  
“It was Nancy Lenox,” Ruby supplied, looking surprised that he didn’t remember her friend’s full name.  
“Right.” Gavin nodded, finally recalling that name from the file in his office.  
“She was also at the club tonight.”  
“I saw her, which is how I was able to deduce that I was being set up tonight. Tell me this, Ruby. Did it ever occur to any of you that your friend Nancy just wasn’t my type?”  
“Yeah, after you and I made a connection. By the way, why didn’t you like Nancy? Most men choose her over me and Peggy Lee any day. And none of them ever forget her name.”  
“I guess most men are blind or else stupid, because you are much prettier than her to me. Sexier, too.” He smiled when that brought a blush to her cheeks.  
Ruby hooded her gaze, but not before he had a chance to see volcanic desire in her lovely pools.  
“As for what turned me off about your friend, do you want an honest answer or a polite one to that question?” Gavin continued.  
“An honest answer.”  
“The truth is that though I like my women aggressive, I do not like them desperate. When a woman lays it on too thick, it makes sensible men like me question why. Why does she want me so bad? Is she a gold-digger? Is she pregnant and looking for a substitute father? Those are just some of the questions that flow through our minds. Believe me, there are many more.”  
Ruby looked toward the windshield. “What if a woman isn’t pregnant or a gold-digger? What if she’s just highly attracted to you? So much so that she can literally still taste you on her tongue.” She licked her lips. “Still feel your hands on her body.” She moaned and wiggled in her seat.
Gavin moaned, too. “A woman like that can have me any time she wants, Red,” he said huskily, giving her a nickname as her semi-confession opened the door to a new level of intimacy between them.  
Ruby’s breath hitched at those words. Her eyes snapped to his. “What about anywhere she wants, Vinny?” she replied, giving him a nickname as well.  
“That, too,” Gavin whispered, sounding just as breathless as her.  
Ruby smiled mischievously. “Meet me in the back seat.” Then she unlocked the back doors, opened the driver’s door and got out.  

It’s our time, baby. Let's bend this corner together, Gavin thought as he rushed to join her in the back seat. Desire pumped through his veins a mile a second. He loved her spontaneity, innovativeness, and lack of inhibitions. They catered to his own wild side.
If I’m not careful, I might slip up and fall in love with this woman, Gavin thought, thrilled that Ruby decided to surrender to their mutual attraction after all.

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