Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 10.1

Logan was in his basement, watching Ruby’s sex video yet again when he received a call from his longtime friend, Toby. He reluctantly pressed pause on the remote and answered the call.
“I hope you’re sitting down,” Toby said as soon as he came on the line.
Logan braced himself for bad news. “Out with it!” he grumbled, meeting any possibility of negativity with more negativity – a cloak of anger.
“You’re not gonna believe this, but Ruby Dee Hudson just got engaged.” 
“You’re lying!” Logan roared. “Nobody within three counties of Blue-eyed Hollow wants to marry the likes of her.” He made sure of that by giving copies of Ruby’s spring break video to every guy he knew and definitely to those that tried to get serious with her after she returned home. 
“I don’t think this guy is from around here,” Toby replied. “He talks all citified and such.” 
“Citified?” Logan scanned his brain for any new males in the area. He couldn’t think of any right off hand. But then again, he had been working a lot lately in his uncle’s campaign for sheriff. Because of that, new men could have arrived without his knowledge. 
“Yep. Looks citified, too. His manicured hands don’t look like they’ve ever seen a hard day’s work. Plus, he’s staying at the hotel where I work, so he must be from out of town.” 
“Manicured hands? Sounds like a little sissy-boy to me.” Logan scoffed with a wicked grin.
“I think they like to be called homosexuals these days,” Toby said in a politically correct tone.
“Tomato, tomahto,” Logan replied as intolerantly as his thinking was. “I just don’t know what Ruby finds so fascinating about guys like that. First that Dior dude and now this new fella.”
“I don’t think this one is gay. They’re walking past me right now and he can’t keep his hands off her,” Toby whispered.
Logan scowled. “Give me more physical details about him. I want to be able to spot him from a mile away.” 
“I’ll do you one better and send you a picture of him. I think I can snap one before him and Ruby get on the elevator,” Toby said, speaking in his normal tone again.  
Logan tapped his right foot impatiently as he waited for his friend to take the photo with his phone and then send it to him. When he received the clear image via text message a minute later, he began to curse profusely. Though he couldn’t tell who the man in the robe was just yet, he could definitely make out Ruby’s voluptuous frame. After all, he’d been the first man to ever possess it. 
Logan deflowered Ruby on their prom night. After making love to her two more times before graduation, he thought for sure he’d be her only lover for the rest of her life. When he tried to turn that thought into reality, she balked at his marriage proposal and broke things off with him quicker than two flies at a bodacious picnic. 
Ruby left for college soon after that. When she returned, she still refused to marry Logan. In fact, she refused to have anything else to do with him whatsoever. She barely said two words to him these days. 
Logan didn’t take Ruby’s marital rejection well at all. He wasn’t taking this new development in her life much better as evident by his clenching fists and tight jaw. “Find out everything you can about this guy,” he said once he returned the phone to his right ear.  
Toby frowned and sighed heavily as he leaned against his security booth. “Dude, I’m not going to help you stalk Ruby’s fiancé. You been stalking her long enough as it is. I was just passing on some juicy gossip, that’s all.” Now he wish he’d kept his mouth shut.  
“If you ever want to go from security officer to sheriff deputy, you’ll do what I ask,” Logan said, flaunting his new level of influence.  
Not only was Logan already a deputy on the force, his mother’s brother had just been elected sheriff of Blue-eyed Hollow. And everybody knew that Leroy Darcy was big on granting favors to his family members.  
“All right. I’ll find out what I can. But after this, I’m done,” Toby said, wondering if it was time to be done with their friendship as well. Logan had changed over the years and not for the better either.
After quickly saying goodbye, Toby hung up the phone before something else was asked of him. He was already starting to feel bad about squealing on Ruby. She’d gone through enough pain because of Logan.
Unfortunately, Logan held the key to Toby finally becoming a deputy. Which meant he’d have to squeal on Ruby again.  

Sighing heavily once more, Toby came from behind the booth and headed to the other side of the hotel. It was time to walk off the guilt he felt. After this, he would finally stop being a world-class tattletale.

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