Monday, November 24, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 9.1

Ruby collapsed on top of Gavin, as if all the fight had been taken out of her. “I need to get that,” she panted out when her phone rang for a third time.   
“Of course. It might be a family emergency,” Gavin replied, sounding just as breathless.
No woman had ever gone at him so hard before or incited him to go at her just as hard. This was new. Not even his first love, Sheila, had been this ravenous for him and she’d been a true ball of fire. The fact that Ruby had cried out just as loudly as him in ecstasy also set her apart from his ex-girlfriend. Sheila had been oddly quiet during sex. 
“There’s no family emergency associated with this particular ringtone,” Ruby informed after taking in a deep breath. “That’s either Nancy or Peggy Lee calling to check on me since I’m with a new man tonight.” She reached for her purse on the car floor and retrieved the black phone from it. 
“That’s smart,” Gavin said, doing his best to squash the surge of jealousy the latter part of her statements had produced. After what just happened between them, he didn’t want to hear or even think about her with another man. Passion like theirs made a man feel real territorial. 

Hold it together, dude, Gavin told himself as he moved a long breath in and out of his lungs to calm his body and his emotions.
Ruby took another deep breath of her own. She blew it out slowly before finally answering her phone. “Hello? Oh, hey, Nancy. Where’s Peggy Lee?” As she talked, she rested her head upon Gavin’s chest. “She’s hanging out with Doug the DJ again? That’s nice. He’s a great guy. How’s everything going with me? Fine. I think I may spend the night with Vinny, better known as Gavin Sweetwater.” She looked at him and smiled when she said that last part. 
Gavin nodded his agreement with a grin. Suddenly all was right with his world again. Unhindered by thoughts of jealousy now, he draped an arm across her back and tenderly traced her spine. The sight of a moonbeam shrouded across her bottom stirred his lower body to life again and prompted him to reach down to squeeze both cheeks.
Ruby suppressed a moan when Gavin grabbed two hearty handfuls of her bottom and squeezed. She suddenly found it hard to concentrate all over again. “Yes, you heard right. I’m spending the night with Dr. Sweetwater,” she reiterated when Nancy acted as if she was suddenly hard of hearing. Or maybe she was too shocked and needed that last part repeated. After all, it was rare that Ruby spent the night with any man.
Incidentally, ‘spend the night’ was code for ‘don’t call back tonight because I’ll be busy with my new man’. All the friends knew this code and abided by it.
“Oh,” Nancy replied after that confirmation. “Well, I didn’t find any man to interest me tonight, so I’m headed home alone.”
“O…okay, drive safely,” Ruby said, stammering when she felt Gavin growing within her. He felt thicker and longer than before. How was that possible? 
“I will. P.S. I want full details tomorrow,” Nancy replied. “If I can’t have him for myself, I at least want to know what I’m missing.” 
“O…okay. Talk to you later, bye,” Ruby concluded as Gavin moved within her depths again. “You seem bigger. What happened?” she asked after hanging up the phone.
“A man’s penis size changes when more blood rushes below,” he explained, sounding more like a medical doctor rather than a dentist at the moment.
“Oh, I didn’t know that.”
“Yes, so don’t try to engage me in any deep philosophical conversations for the next twenty to thirty minutes, okay? My brain might not be able to handle it.” He grinned.
Ruby chuckled. “Okay.”
“That beautiful smile.” He gave her an intense stare before lowering his gaze to peruse her frame. “And this beautiful body are lethal weapons,” he added, running his hands up the sides of her body before returning them to her bottom.
“I…” Ruby forgot what she was going to say when he suddenly slammed into her, hitting her special spot all over again. With a moan, she focused the whole of her attention on meeting this new challenge. 
This back seat romp was more intense than the last. Louder, too, as they went at each other with wild abandonment. The springs of the back seat protested the extra weight and their vigorous workout. Ruby didn’t care. It was about time for new seats anyway.
Unfortunately, those loud noises and the bouncing vehicle caught the attention of Toby Prestrell, the hotel’s night security guard, who was out making his rounds about the premises. As more animalistic sounds resonated from the red jeep even louder this time, he headed over to investigate.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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