Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 4.2

Rascal Flatts’ I Melt cued up just as Ruby and Gavin reached the middle of the dance floor. She wasted no time going into his arms. What woman wouldn’t want to be snuggled up against all that hard muscle?  
When does he find time to work out? Ruby wondered, embracing his strong neck.  
Though her lower body was a respectable distance from Gavin’s, her upper body wasn’t by a long shot. As big as she was on top, they would almost have to be dancing at arm’s length to avoid rubbing her bosom up against his chest. She wasn’t trying to do any such thing.
Ruby liked feeling Gavin’s hardness molded against her softness. He seemed to like it, too, based on the low moans coming from his throat each time her bosom shifted or pressed harder against his chest. She quickly discovered that she liked pleasing him. A rapidly growing part of her wanted to please him even more, but she stifled that urge.   
Forgetting her covert mission for the moment, Ruby closed her eyes and just enjoyed the wonderful feel of Gavin. Every muscle seemed etched in stone. There wasn’t a love handle or a beer belly anywhere. That much was confirmed by the hand that she lowered from his neck and trailed down his back, then slowly moved up his torso.
And he smells so good, Ruby noted, inhaling deeply as she drew in a long whiff of his spicy cologne. She moaned and sighed in contentment. Oh, to be in this man’s arms forever.  

When Ruby finally reopened her eyes, she met the gaze of her two friends from across the room. Nancy and Peggy Lee were leaning forward in their seats, looking at her with keen interest. At those reminding stares, she quickly got back into character.  
Moving her lower body closer, Ruby grinded her hips suggestively against Gavin. The huge bulge she felt and the deep moan he uttered, gave her the undisputable answer to their question. The same answer that she’d instinctively known since she sat down beside him – this man wasn’t anywhere near gay!  
Ruby smiled at her friends. Then she gave them the thumbs up signal behind Gavin’s back to indicate that he was as stiff as a board with desire and was as straight as they came sexually.  
Peggy Lee and Nancy grinned. They rooted her on with silent claps.
Ruby grinned triumphantly.
Unfortunately, her cover was blown sky-high a few seconds later.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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