Friday, November 14, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 5.2

“Three words, ladies. He’s-not-gay,” Ruby said, summarizing her report as she sat down. She decided to be stingy for once in her life and keep some precious things, namely how alive Gavin made her feel, to herself.
We could see that.” Nancy puffed on yet another cigarette. 
“And a whole lot more,” Peggy Lee added. “Girl, you two were really going at it out there. I ain’t never seen you so hot over a man you just met before.” 
“No man has ever made me this hot before. I think he melted my thong up against that wall.” Ruby laughed in an attempt to restore her equilibrium faster. She still felt discombobulated inside, completely thrown off.

Peggy Lee laughed, too. 
“If he did all that, then why are you over here with us?” Nancy asked in a tone devoid of mirth. “I certainly wouldn’t be talking to my girlfriends if a man started that kind of fire within me.” 
“Yeah, why am I over here with y’all?” Ruby replied, grabbing a pen from her orange purse and a white napkin from the table. After scribbling a few lines, she rose to her feet again, this time keeping her purse with her.
“Where you going now?” Peggy Lee asked. 
“To get my tires rotated at the hotel room on this napkin.” Ruby passed the note to her. “Y'all know the drill.”
“Right,” Peggy Lee said, waving goodbye before setting her watch.
The drill involved calling Ruby’s cell phone in two hours to check on her, then every two hours after that until she made it safely home or back to one of their places. The three friends practiced this unique form of buddy-check whenever either one of them spent the night with a new man. It had been a long time since Ruby had to be checked on. Though she still partied just as much as them, she was usually the more selective one. 
A guy had to really be special for Ruby to sleep with him. Conversely, a guy only had to make one mistake for her to break up with him. If that mistake involved the guy being partial to any kind of porn, he was quickly dumped and his number was promptly blocked from her phone. She refused to date anyone that supported the industry that ruined her life. 
You only get one shot at me. Don’t blow it, dude, Ruby thought, willing to kick Gavin to the curb if he crossed the wrong lines, too.
Nancy didn’t bother to wave goodbye to Ruby. She was too jealous to do anything except briefly nod.
“Even though I’m happy she found somebody to start her engine tonight, I’m kinda jealous about who started it,” Peggy Lee said, brave enough to admit her jealousy. “I mean, Dr. Sweetwater may be as close to a real doctor as I’m ever gonna get romantically.” 
“Dentists are real doctors, licensed to hold a blade and prescribe all types of medicines just like any other doctor,” Nancy said, putting her cigarette out in the ashtray. “Why do you think I went after him so fast?” Why do you think I still want to go after him now despite his attraction to Ruby? she added to herself. 
“Oh.” Peggy Lee’s blue eyes blinked in wonder. “Now I’m even more jealous.” She laughed, belying her own words. “But I guess some things just ain’t meant to be.” She quickly shrugged off her disappointment. 
Nancy remained silent. She didn’t believe in fate. She believed in making things happen for herself. Right now she was about to make a few things happen on the dance floor with one of the five eligible bachelors that asked her to dance while they waited for Ruby’s report. 
Maybe one of them will light my fire like Dr. Sweetwater did to Ruby, Nancy thought, though she seriously doubted it. She knew a rare treasure when she saw one. And Gavin Sweetwater was as rare as they came around here.

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