Friday, November 14, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 5.1

Ruby had long since forgotten about her friends during her heated dance with Gavin. When he lowered his lips to hers, she forgot about everything else. She wanted this man’s kiss like she wanted the sun to shine every day. In a way she felt as if she needed it. 
The thought of needing any man was both terrifying and exhilarating for Ruby. She never needed a man before. Why now? Why him?
Maybe it had something to do with the unexplainable connection she had with Gavin. Or maybe it was something more primal like the fact that the second she received his warm tongue into her mouth, she had tangible proof that he would be a great lover. The way he slowly moved his tongue in and out of her mouth mimicked the act of making love to a tee. His rhythmic hips confirmed his sexual prowess. This was one man that knew how to move his body. 
Ruby rolled her hips in response, sending an open invitation with each thrust. She gave in wholeheartedly to his kisses and slurped him up like a biscuit to gravy. Each taste was more scrumptious than the last. She didn’t want this moment to ever end.
Sending her hands downward, Ruby dipped her fingers inside the back of Gavin’s black trousers. His bare skin felt delicious beneath her fingertips. She knew it would. Brown sugar was always delicious.

Traveling further downward, the fine hairs along the rounded slope of his muscular bottom were soothing to her palms. Cupping his strong cheeks with greedy hands, she pressed him even closer. If only they didn’t have the irritating barriers of clothing between them.
Gavin moaned deep in his throat at Ruby’s boldness. At her aggression. Bump that game. Bump teaching her a lesson. He had to have this woman…tonight!
Pulling her right leg up higher for even greater access, he pressed into her with firm wave-life movements. His pace quickened. Each new thrust carried increasing power.
Ruby’s moans were plentiful. She kissed him faster, more fervently. She continuously matched the thrusts of his hips despite the fact that her weight was now balanced on one leg. Her hands traveled from his bottom to his back, and then downward again, clenching and kneading him as they went along.   
Suddenly Gavin abruptly broke their succulent kiss. He withdrew from her far enough to twirl her around until she was facing the mirrored wall. His eyes bore into hers in the mirror as he pressed himself against her bottom and grinded even slower. His hands took up residence upon her torso. They traveled up and down, feeling her bare abdomen before settling at her breasts.
Ruby’s breath hitched when he squeezed her globes. “Yesssss,” she said with a moan as he gently tugged at her peaks.
“Yes, that’s what I want to hear. Yes, now and yes, later,” Gavin said huskily at her left ear. He held her gaze captive in the mirror while the sensual actions of his hands and hips continued to bombard her nervous system with erotic pleasure.
Panting heavily, Ruby could only nod at their image. Her eyes were deep violet and thoroughly saturated with desire.
“We’re riding in your lane tonight, baby,” Gavin continued. “Now you can cruise on over to your friends and spend the rest of the night bragging about how excited you got me. Or you can grab your purse, follow me to Suite 346B of the Cleavertown Hotel and test drive my stick shift for as long as you want. It’s up to you.” Then without even giving her a chance to respond, he withdrew from her completely and turned to make his way to the nearest exit. He had to leave right away, lest he make love to her right up against that wall. 
Ruby’s eyes widened and then narrowed as she watched Gavin walk away. On one hand, she was offended by his words. She was not a tramp, paid or otherwise, no matter how promiscuous she behaved at times. On the other hand, she was highly turned on by what he said and especially by what he did. Straightforward men didn’t usually play games with a woman’s heart. And her heart was something she refused to let any man even drive up close to.
Despite taking several deep breaths to calm herself down, Ruby headed back to her girlfriends on unsteady legs. With each step, she contemplated what she should do about Gavin’s offer. She knew one thing she had to do – give Peggy Lee and Nancy an account of her progress with the good doctor. They always shared their experiences concerning men. Tonight would be no different. Or would it?

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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