Friday, November 7, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 2.2

Dr. Gavin Sweetwater locked up his office building and made his way toward Cleavertown. He just completed another long workday in Blue-eyed Hollow – an area of Virginia that received much rain. As a result, the city was covered with thick woods and forests, making timber its chief resource. 
Gavin admired the wonderful scenery of his father’s birthplace as he drove carefully among the winding roads. Matthew Sweetwater had shared fond memories of this place with him. Some not so fond as well.
When Gavin finally made it to the Cleavertown Hotel, he took a shower and ordered room service. Instead of feeling sleepy after his tiring day, he felt restless. He also felt a bit lonely and a lot horny.

To curtail those feelings, Gavin decided to get dressed and head over to the nightclub across the street. It seemed like the perfect place to take the edge off with a glass of wine or a beer, depending on what they served.  
Maybe I’ll meet a special lady tonight to take my other edge off, Gavin thought, unable to recall the last time he had sex. He was even willing to pay for it if he had to. He was just that randy tonight.  
Fortunately, Gavin was one of those men that rarely had to pay for sex. Women naturally flocked to him on account of how handsome he was. In fact, four out of the five prostitutes he’d had over his lifetime reluctantly took his money because he’d given them such a good time. One actually wanted to pay him. His first prostitute didn’t really count since he’d only been seventeen at the time and hadn’t known what he was doing. He learned fast enough though.  
I hope the ladies of the evening around here aren’t like that blonde that came to my office yesterday, Gavin thought, recalling the Anna Nicole Smith lookalike that visited him on Friday for teeth bleaching. He liked his women available and aggressive, not desperate and manipulative. Plus, he wasn’t interested in bedding a woman intent on trapping him into marriage, which had clearly been that blonde’s plan. Why else would she mention marriage so many times during that one hour visit?  
When I finally do get married, it is going to be my idea and it’s going to be for love, Gavin promised himself as he pulled his room door closed and locked it.  

 © 2014 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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