Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 7.1

Ruby came to a complete stop beside Gavin. “What are you doing out here in the parking lot with your nightclothes on?” she asked, delectably stirred by the sight of him in the black silk pajamas and burgundy hotel robe. She almost moaned when she saw how big his feet were in the black bedroom shoes he wore.
Ruby liked big hands and big feet on a man. Big hands could grab bigger portions of her curves, which she had a lot of. Big feet…well, big feet were usually an indication of something else altogether.
“I came to find out what’s taking you so long to come upstairs,” Gavin replied, bending to talk to her face-to-face as he leaned both hands against the driver’s door. “I thought you changed your mind until I went out on the balcony about fifteen minutes ago for some fresh air, looked below and saw your jeep.” 
“How did you know it was me? There has to be at least fifteen other red jeeps in this parking lot.” The Cleavertown Hotel stayed busy year round due to its central location among several smaller towns that had no hotels at all. Thus the parking lot remained full on a consistent basis.
“Yeah, but none of them have a glow-in-the-dark tag that says ‘Careful – Red Hot Ruby Inside’. That’s the same tag and this is the same car I saw in the club parking lot before I left tonight,” Gavin said, revealing how much attention he’d paid to her and everything that pertained to her.
Ruby felt the heat of a blush enter her cheeks, which was something that hadn’t happened in a long time. Plus, she never blushed while intoxicated. Only when she was completely in her right mind.  
 “Oh. I forgot all about my customized tag,” she said as the heat spread throughout her body. The fact that he didn’t just let the tag catch his attention, but rather allowed it to hold his attention made her even hotter…for him. 
“So back to my earlier question. What’s taking you so long to come to me?” Gavin persisted, staring into her eyes as if the answer to his question lied within their depths.
“I did change my mind.” Ruby looked away. She couldn’t let him see the fear that she felt, the same fear that undoubtedly was floating around in her eyes. To do something constructive with her hands, she put the car in park. She also slipped her bare feet back inside her shoes. She didn’t want him to think she was some backwoods girl, even though she did like to drive barefoot – the way she’d learned. 

“I understand,” Gavin said in a soothing tone as if he sensed her apprehension. “After all, you barely know me. I just thought there was something between us that we both wanted to explore tonight. No hard feelings. I won’t even take offense to you using me as a guinea pig for your friendship experiment.” He laughed, showing how good of a sport he was, despite his earlier irritation at being played. 
Ruby laughed, too. Her body instantly relaxed. The man just had a way of making her feel totally at ease. How could she lie and say they argued? It would be hard to argue with someone as understanding and open-minded as Gavin. 
“I’m sorry about that club thing,” Ruby said, turning to face him again. “We were just trying to find out if you were gay or not.” 
Gavin bucked his eyes at her confession. This was the first time he’d ever been suspected of having an alternative lifestyle. Most women thought he was a playboy and a ladies’ man – the kind of man that couldn’t settle down with one woman. A few even thought he was a gigolo. None ever accused him of not wanting a woman at all. 
“You thought I was gay?” He laughed. “What would ever give you that idea?”
“Before I answer that question, let’s continue this conversation inside my car. It’s getting cold out and what you’re wearing is far too thin for the weather,” Ruby said, unlocking the passenger side door. 
Gavin nodded, appreciative of her concern and of her leap of faith in him. It was autumn so there was a light chill in the night air. Yet he hadn’t paid the weather any mind since he came outside. He’d been too busy basking in the warmth of Ruby’s presence. Though he’d much rather continue their conversation upstairs in his room, if this was all he could have of her time, he’d gladly take it.

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