Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 4.1

Gavin willingly went to the dance floor with the red-haired beauty. He liked Ruby’s spontaneity, the way her eyes changed colors with her moods. He saw them turn deep blue and glossy when he talked about his father, then deep violet whenever she admired his frame.
Gavin especially liked Ruby’s voluptuous body. It stirred his loins like no other. He’d always been partial to women with curves, not the supermodel stick women that some men craved. He also preferred real curves, not the kind manufactured and then inserted within a woman’s body. Those were just his preferences. He didn’t judge anyone who felt differently.  

Gavin suppressed a moan as he perused Ruby’s real curves now. Her generous bosom looked ready to pop out of that halter top. He could see himself front and center, ready to catch each one with his hands…and his mouth.  
Ruby’s flat stomach, narrow waist, and shapely legs and thighs were perfectly displayed in the skirt that barely reached her lower thighs. He looked forward to embracing that waist and laying between those legs and thighs.  
Where did she get all that? Do they grow them like this in the mountains? Gavin wondered, lowering his gaze to Ruby’s plump bottom. He usually only saw bottoms that naturally salubrious among women of color, which was just one of the reasons he dated so many of them.
Ruby Dee Hudson, you are truly a rare find, he thought, licking his lips at the sight of her lower crests peeking out from the bottom of that short skirt. They jingled as she walked. His hands ached to squeeze them. Would she let him touch her there? Tonight?  
Man, I want this woman. Gavin felt his body harden even more with anticipation.
Ironically, though his excitement level continued to rise, his patience did also. That could only mean one thing – whether Ruby was a prostitute or not, he was now willing to wait beyond tonight to have her.
I just hope she doesn’t make me wait too long, Gavin thought, wishing they could dance among some sheets instead tonight.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier 

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