Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 4.3

It’s time to ask her out on a real date, Gavin thought, ready to throw his hat in the ring for Ruby’s time, energy, and affection.
Before he could open his mouth, he suddenly saw something disturbing in one of the side mirrors aligning the nightclub walls. What the…? Did she just give somebody thumbs-up behind me? And why?
 Sending his eyes to several other mirrors, Gavin quickly discovered the recipients of Ruby’s covert message – two women sitting at a booth on the north side of the club. He suppressed a frown when he recognized one of the women from a recent dental appointment. Though he couldn’t recall her full name right off hand since he quickly pushed it to the back of his mind after that visit, he would never forget the face of that extremely flirtatious, chain-smoking blonde whose teeth he bleached on Friday.  
I’ve been set-up, Gavin deduced, instantly feeling a strong sense of disappointment and anger. And here I thought we were making a real connection. Guess not.
Now he realized that Ruby’s interest in him hadn’t been genuine at all. That it was just a part of some sick juvenile game among her friends. She might have even been trying to get back at him for rejecting her blonde friend.
Either way, Gavin was about to teach Ruby and her little buddies not to play games with strangers again. Especially this stranger.  

The lesson begins now, he thought, lowering his hands to her bottom.
Ruby moaned in response to his intimate touch. She did not stiffen or pull away, but rather stuck her bottom out even more.
Gavin suppressed a moan of his own when he didn’t feel a panty line. He should have known she was a thong kind of woman. Thong wearers usually exuded sex appeal, especially in their walks. And Ruby definitely had a sexy walk. 
Using his hands to press her closer, Gavin grinded against her just as suggestively as she’d done him only minutes before, allowing her to feel the full effect of her teasing. Though she was successful in inflaming his body, he would now consume her with that fire. He would show her that he was not a man to be played with. That if she played with his fire, she would get burned.
Ruby gasped in shock and then moaned again in pleasure.
I bet that wasn’t part of your plan, huh, baby? Gavin smiled to himself.
Raising the stakes even higher, he tenderly attacked her neck with soft kisses and tiny nibbles. He gently kneaded her bottom, grabbing large handfuls at once. His hips continued to grind rhythmically against hers as they swayed to the slow beat. Oh yes, he was well-versed in tender aggression.
Ruby shuddered and then moaned again. “Yes, baby,” she purred out in a whisper.
At those words of consent, Gavin almost forgot about the game they were playing. Especially when she lifted her right leg slightly upon his left thigh to give him more room to maneuver, more space to come a little closer.
Seizing that opportunity, he inched closer to her. He also inched closer to the nearest wall, lest he be tempted to take her right there on the dance floor in front of everybody.  
As their sensual dance continued to the end of the current song and well into the next one, Gavin was relentless with his kisses to Ruby’s ear and neck areas. He continued to knead her soft bottom and lead her closer to the wall.  
Within seconds he finally had her right where he wanted her, literally and figuratively. With her back fully against the wall and her body trembling with need, he proceeded to teach her what the phrase ‘slow grind’ really meant.  
Ruby’s breath hitched at the onset of his deeply erotic movements. More moans poured from her lips. Her hips fluently followed his. Her hands clung to his torso as if she wanted to hold on to him forever.
Gavin was pleased to find her so cooperative, so pliable to his will. It turned him on immensely, along with her moans and pants of pleasure. He was harder than he’d ever been in his life. Cinderblock hard.
Withdrawing just enough to gaze down into Ruby’s face among the flashing lights, Gavin was slammed speechless by what he saw. He saw a woman in serious need of a long kiss and so much more. She was ripe. So ripe for the picking.  
Though Gavin could walk away now after successfully flipping the script on Ruby, a part of him wanted to oblige her needs. Why not? Why shouldn’t he get at least a small taste of her before he closed the book on them forever?

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier 

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