Friday, November 21, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 8.1

Gavin was barely settled in the dark back seat when Ruby threw her hands around his neck and literally attacked his mouth. Loving her aggression, he parted his lips and instantly deepened the kiss. They both moaned the second their tongues made contact.  
“Mmm…you taste so good, sugar,” Ruby murmured against his lips. 
“So do you, baby,” Gavin replied and then deepened the kiss even more.
As their tongues intertwined, he lowered his hands to her halter top and freed her large globes. They were heavy in his palms just the way he liked it. He spread his hands wide and gently squeezed them. They felt firm, yet supple. Her skin was smooth and silky to the touch.  
Ruby moaned deep in her throat. She suckled his tongue as she reached into his robe. Her hands traveled beyond his shirt until they met his hairy chest. Another moan spilled from her lips as she ran her hands up and down his bare torso, eagerly kneading his hard muscle groups. 
Gavin also moaned. He loved the feel of her soft hands on his body. The way she seemed so hungry for him. Her fervent actions had him hot, aching and throbbing to no end.
Suddenly Ruby reached down and squeezed him intimately. “Ooo…is all this for me?” she said, breaking the kiss.
Gavin groaned loudly. “Yes,” he said, arching toward her right hand.
“Fortunately, I know exactly what to do with this precious jewel.” She smiled as she started to slowly move her hand up and down.
Gavin hissed out an erotic expletive. He closed his eyes to relish the sensations of her talented hand as it squeezed and stroked him in all the right places. That same expletive rolled off his tongue four more times as the pulsating heat in his body rose.
“Yes, sugar. We will do that soon enough.” Ruby chuckled huskily and then took her kisses lower. She licked and lapped at his skin as if he was the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted.
Gavin inhaled sharply and opened his eyes as she neared his lower abs. Surely it’s too soon for that, he thought, wondering just how low she would go with her kisses as she lapped ferociously at his bellybutton while her hand continued to work its magic below. 

The primal look Ruby sent his way reminded him of a lioness in the wild. It let him know that if she did go there, she wasn’t going to stop until she was satisfied, which meant they both might miss work on Monday.
Though Gavin was basically an anything goes kind of lover, he did have some limitations. No bondage, no S & M or anything else painful to either parties, and no oral intimacies with women he didn’t have a personal long standing relationship with. 
Yet he wanted to break that last rule with Ruby. He wanted to taste her all over tonight. He wanted the same from her.
But why? Was it her extraordinary beauty? The instant rapport they had? 
Yes, on both accounts. 
Gavin breathed a sigh of relief when Ruby released him and sent her kisses upward again. Though he wanted that level of intimacy, he knew it wasn’t the best thing for either of them right now. They didn’t know each other well enough to go that far yet. 
By the time Ruby finally made it back up to his mouth, Gavin was breathing heavily. His body was on fire. That fire showed up in the volcanic kiss he gave her. He continued to kiss her until she was just as breathless as him. Then he lowered his lips to her bosom. He licked from one taut peak to the other. Greedily. 
Ruby moaned. “Yes,” she urged, arching toward him as he pulled her into his lap.
Gavin opened his mouth wider and feasted upon her left melon while his free hand kneaded the other. 
She moaned even louder and spread her legs across his thighs.
He groaned when she settled upon the most rigid part of him and began a heated grind. “You’re so ready,” he whispered against her bosom. “Too ready,” he added, after sending an exploring hand to her steamy sauna below. “Do you have protection? Otherwise we need to go up to my room now. Right now!” Gavin didn’t mean to sound impatient, but the mounting demands of his body were rapidly chipping away at his fortitude.
Ruby chuckled as she quickly reached for her purse. “I have all the protection we need right here in this car, sugar.”

(c)2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

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