Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pulling Him Back - Ch. 12.1

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  1. I am not sure why Racie was offended with what he said. Granted I think his ego is a bit much at time but he stated fact.

    My question is why does Racie think so little of herself to have so many gentleman callers?

  2. Paula: When Meak starts talking in 3rd person, Racie knows his ego is about to crank up again. That was all the incentive she needed to know what she wanted to do in the first place - look for a reason to leave him alone.

    Why? Cause she running scared. Racie knows what she did in NY. She's scared to hope for love for herself because she's afraid of reaping what she sowed.

    Even though Racie doesn't think little of herself and is only scared (like I mentioned before), I've met a lot of beautiful women that do have low self-esteem, despite how many men they have. It's the craziest thing. Pamela Anderson and Halle Berry comes to mind (particularly during her younger years when she was dating abusive men and such).

    I hope I answered your question.

  3. Yep, but that just makes me crazy. Both Racie and Meak are struggling with self esteem issue.

  4. Paula: You might be right on that, lady. You've certainly given me something to think more about. Thx!

  5. Something is going to happen to Racie and Meak and make both of them deal with their issues, check those egos at the door and really deal with each other and their feelings for each other that are REFUSING to acknowledge.

    They are driving me crazy!!

  6. Once again Meak stuck his foot in his mouth. What they need is a good ole sitting down and talking to each other to find out what it is they both are looking for in a relationship.

  7. LaTrice1:04 PM

    I liked this scene but I agree with the other readers, they've both got issues and the more I read into Racie, she's got a bit of an ego as well. It's not displayed as much, it just feeds off of Meak so to speak. She clearly is playing him by the words he says. If he's nice and wonderful, she relaxes around him. If he's egotistical, she's rigid. So she's playing the game, I'll give you what you want if you behave. As long as I don't see the characteristics I don't like in you but what would happen if Meak turned the tables on her and she got a dose of her own medicine. Now I don't support Meaks ego BUT I think we play games too much and could possibly miss something good. Ok im off my soapbox, loving this story and all it's nuggets!

  8. JBrowny: Yep, they both need to be dealt with individually and as a couple. Sorry for making y'all crazy with these two...well, not really. LOL! I like seeing all these heated reactions. Even so, I won't overdo it.

    Wanda: I agree. That good ole sitting down is gonna stages (spoiler).

    Latrice: Yeah, Racie got an ego for sure. But more than that, she's acting like a control freak. SHE wants to control how her love life goes. She doesn't want to leave it up to her heart and especially not to fate. That's why she sticks to those 1-nighters. Sista gonna find out that that love is no respect of persons. It'll come your way when you least expect it and WITHOUT your permission.