Friday, October 12, 2012

Pulling Him Back - Ch. 12.2

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  1. Its official, I don't like Sasha and I hope some kind of way Goo & Xena get full custody. Children are God's treasure's he entrusted to us, always to be cherished and loved, not mistreated.

  2. He should not have called her if Racie is on his mind. If Meak is that upset over how she is treating her child, this should not be a woman on his arms.

  3. LaTrice1:15 PM

    Ok soapbox....Sasha, need her @#$^& tow out the frame! Yes im mad but she's a picture of how some women are with their children, everything and everybody comes before them. Really, you just gonna dump your child for the first thing smoking for a piece of tail and from the sound of it you got to pay your own way there! CUT IT OUT!!! This is such an important issue, parents, especially single parents, get your mind right. What your children see you do, they will do it to! What you pour into them or lack to pour into them, you'll see the results of that too! IJS,

    About him calling Racie, I fault both of them. Him and his ego need to Who cares how big your wallet is when your ego overshadows it. Who cares how big your heart can potentially be when your ego drowns out it's beat. Who wants to be with a person who thinks your with them because of what they have. and Racie, she's representing some of us who outright push the brother the other way! I know, I used to be a Racie- one wrong word and that's it! What I've learned is there is a way to teach our men and encourage them at the same time to be what we need, when we need it and how we need it. Her influence on him has had some positive changes but with a person like Meak whose self esteem is tied up in his ego which is just a persona of who he is, we must find an alternative way to deal with them or just don't deal with them at all.

    Ok, soapbox end!

  4. JBrowny: I'm not a fan of Sasha either. Her priorities are way off.

    Wanda: Meak being a typical man. Rejected by one woman, so he rushes off to another. smh

    Latrice: Loving your soapbox! Especially the testimonial part about you once being a Racie. I didn't realize it until you said, but yes, you did used to push men away at the drop of a hat. lol.

    I used to feel so sorry for them dudes and was always amazed when some came back for even more rejection. I was like, "What kinda spell she got on them? Whatever it is, she needs to bottle it and sell it to the women that can't seem to get no man to give them the time of day."