Monday, August 20, 2012

Pulling Him Back - Ch. 2.1

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  1. Love this picture of friendship..looks like a good example of how they should flow.

    Side Note: If you're a personal inner circle friend of Suprina, then you've heard these words, I loves you!!! Love it..

  2. Latrice: You know me so well, lady. lol. As for the characters in the story, they are a collage of myself, people that I personally know or have observed from afar.

  3. Love the friendship between them as well. Jeannae, should not be giving up on her marriage so quick, wait until she has more information first.

  4. Wanda: I agree. I think Jeannae should wait and see what's up with Dave first before making a final decision either way. Plus I've always said and still advocate to this day - the solution to a broken marriage is NOT an affair. That only causes more problems.

    To all: Jeannae is actually the REAL name of one of our reader friends. She gave me permission to use it in this story. Thx, REAL Jeannae!