Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pulling Him Back - Ch. 19.2

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  1. I think instead of Meak eating humble pie it should be Racie. Racie has been having her cake and eating it too by having her one nighters.

    This is where Meak should be the one to hide his feelings or anger and jealousy of the dress she is wearing. It would throw Racie off and make her wonder a little at what she throw away.

    Did Racie forget that he told her the truth about why he had to leave?

    I hope Meak didn't sleep with Sasha. YUK

  2. Ok my interest os piqued

  3. Paula: Racie will be humbled more than you know very soon. None of us may like it though. Keep reading, you'll see whether Meak slept with Sasha or not.

    Lilo: I'm very glad to have piqued your interest. :)