Friday, August 17, 2012

Pulling Him Back - Ch. 1.3

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  1. I think Meak, will have the stamina of a stallion and he is
    She made a big career change, she had to be unhappy to make that drastic a career move.

  2. Best friend is married, so no hanky panky with Meak. Racie is single and free. Sorry she went there with a married man, glad she got away from it all.

  3. Wanda: LOL! It seems that you got Meak all figured out early. He is definitely a stallion.

    As for Racie, she was VERY unhappy in NY, but the money was so good that she stayed until circumstances drove her to make some drastic changes in her life.

  4. LaTrice8:14 AM

    Selective celibacy...all i can say is wow, that's a first on me!!! And Racie is racy! Go girl!

  5. LaTrice: Although I'm not the 1st to coin that term, I got such a strong revelation about it that I decided to include it in this story.

    Selective celibacy is when a person remains celibate until he/she meets someone that is deemed worthy enough to sleep with.