Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pulling Him Back - Ch. 19.1

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  1. UGH! Totally disgusted with him now!!!
    Can I slap him?

  2. I know that I am going to upset somebody with this response, so I would like to apologize in advance. Love ya!

    Why is Racie upset again? If I remember correctly she threw his wanting a relationship with her back in HIS face because SHE didn't think she was worthy.

    Racie didn't mind sparing Meak's feeling when she was handing out the death blow treating him like a boy toy she had fun with and now it was over he need to get a life.

    Racie cannot continue to run away from her Karma but face it head on.

    Now as far as Meak goes I feel Racie's righteous indignation. He could have waited a little before moving on but he needs to restore his battered pride.

    Meak also needs to find the route to his low self esteem. I understand the EGO issue but come on enough is enough.

  3. I'm sure this has an explanation

  4. LaTrice3:17 PM

    I'm disgusted with both of them. Both of them are allowing their own eternal issues rule them and act and react in very rash manners. Meak is wrong, dead wrong for bringing that woman in there especially the next day, come on man how childish is that BUT Racie SAID she didn't want him. How often do we speak contrary to our heart and then have to deal with it head on and the result really is a devastating crash.

    This could go so many ways so I'm on the edge waiting to see how both of them come full circle and learn to embrace the love they are worthy of.

  5. E: Yes, you can...if he was real. lol

    Paula: I'm glad that you're seeing it from both their points of view. They both wrong in my opinion.

    Lilo: Yes, there is an explanation. Stay tuned for it...

    Latrice: They're going to finally embrace it in a ball of fire, literally and figuratively (spoiler).