Friday, September 7, 2012

Pulling Him Back - Ch. 7.2

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  1. noooooooooooo....why that cliff hanger sup? just checked from my project work.. and now i am hanging till unfair,,lol..
    Nice one there.. love the that's why she's sleeps once with guys.. it will take time gal.. but you will heal and I am not sure if meak is the guy for you yet..keeping my fingers crossed..maybe sup will introduce a new party along the line..(hint..make a nice twist don't you think?)

  2. LaTrice10:26 PM

    PRINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! YES IM SCREAMING...That was like having a dream and waking up just when it was about to reveal something. Oh my God, you did that to us! WOW! I love it but now we are on the edge of our seats and I have to call Maria back because she just called to talked to me about it..I didn't know what she was in such a hurry for me to read it for. now i know...Uhm, uhm, uhm.....

  3. Qwerty6: I like your twist. I'll think on it. It's still early in the story yet.

    As for the cliffhangers, I have a love/hate relationship with them. As a writer, I love them because they keep readers coming back. As a reader, I hate them because I wanna know everything NOW. LOL!

  4. Latrice: I LOVE that you and Maria are discussing the story offline. It does my heart good.

    One day I hope she (and others who are reading along silently) will feel comfortable enough to share her thoughts with the rest of us. Until then, y'all continue do your thang however you please. I ain't complaining. Hugs!

  5. It may be too soon for the kiss, and most defitinely too soon for anything else. She is still in too much pain from the past too get too involved. All it would be about right now is the sex.

  6. Wanda: Yes, it's too soon for the kiss...for most people. Racie is well, racy. That sista tends to move fast with certian things, sometimes to her detriment.

    Also, right now Racie is feeling like Halle Berry in that Monster's Ball love scene. She just wants somebody to make her "feel gooooooood". Funny, yet sad and true.