Friday, August 17, 2012

Pulling Him Back - Ch. 1.4

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  1. To all: Jeannae is going through what a lot of military wives go through when their spouses are gone for extended tours.

    Question: What do y'all think is going on with Dave? What do you think is keeping him from contacting his wife on the regular?

  2. LaTrice8:25 AM

    I cant even begin to speculate what may be going on with Dave because in deployment so many things could be happening, good or bad.

    I bet J's mouth was wide open when Racie got through going on about Meak. That was funny but that's cool to see the lengths she'll go to for her friend. OR it's funny how that thought really could have been her true intentions.

  3. Latrice: I'll give you a hint - Dave's situation is bad, yet not irreversible.

    Racie threw her hat in the ring for Meak to protect her friend...for now. lol. Remember he had a helmet on that morning, so she doesn't yet know that he is the biker dude. She's gonna find out soon enough though.

  4. Dave may be suffering from the effects of the war, and doesn't know how to deal with it. So, he may be getting the help he needs before he comes home to his wife. He may be in the hospital, and would rather not have her there to witness what he is dealing with.

  5. Wanda: Umm....have you been reading my notes, lady? Dang! I gotta stop being so predictable. All I can say is that you're verrrrrrrrry close to the truth. lol

  6. Dave is prisoner of war and unable to communicate with his wife. Racie is a champion for her friend's marriage and her personal pain needs a soft place to land.