Sunday, December 21, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 20.1

“Unbelievable! You really can play the guitar. Flawlessly, too. What can’t you do?” Ruby said after listening to Gavin play his rendition of Stronger by Tank. 

A fan of all types of music, she immediately recognized the popular R & B tune. She also recognized talent when she heard it. Thus she was able to quickly assess that her future husband was a gifted musician.
“I can’t sing a lick.” Gavin grinned. “Had I sung one note of that song, you would have started boycotting.” As he spoke, he returned his mahogany guitar to its matching case and closed it.
Ruby burst out laughing. “Nobody’s perfect,” she said, watching his nude frame walk over to the closet of the penthouse suite that he reserved for added privacy this weekend. How fine could one man be? “But you sure come very close to perfection.”
“So do you,” Gavin replied, placing his guitar case in the closet and then closing the door.
She moaned at the heated look he gave her as he returned to the bed where she lay on her stomach. Her sheer pink teddy was suddenly too hot to have on. She sat upright and pulled the garment over her head.
Gavin moaned and licked his lips. He swiftly closed the distance between them and ascended upon her breasts.
She arched toward him and caressed the sides of his face as he suckled her.
Suddenly he stopped and lifted his head from her body. “Before we get too far into this, have you decided whether or not you’re going to spend the night?”
Ruby frowned at that reminder. All of her passion drained away like the water from their joint shower a half hour ago. “Unfortunately I won’t be staying the night after all. I think its best that I wake up at my parents’ house on such an important day. It’s not every day that a man asks my father for my hand in marriage, you know.”
“Then I suggest you leave now before it gets even later. It’s already after midnight.” Gavin pointed to the digital clock on the nightstand. “I don’t want you driving alone so late at night.”
“I’ve been driving alone in the dark for years. Trust me, I can handle myself.” She tenderly traced his tense jawline.
“Oh, I know that. I don’t trust others with you, namely Logan Benjamin.” He scowled. He balled his hands into fists as his whole body tensed.
“I have my gun with me tonight. I’m not afraid to shoot anyone that gets out of line, including a rogue cop if necessary.”
“All the more reason for me to move closer to town and then move you away from here altogether.”
Ruby smiled. “I look forward to both. But right now, I need to be heading home.” She rose to her feet and started for her overnight bag.
Gavin followed her, grabbed her left arm and twirled her around to face him. “One day you’ll come to realize that anywhere that you and I are together is home,” he whispered, speaking inches away from her mouth.
All Ruby had time to do was nod before he captured her lips with a searing kiss. She moaned deep in her throat when he squeezed her bottom, traced her lower crests with his long fingers and then sent two of them to her hidden cove.
Mr. Magic Fingers, Ruby thought, remembering how quickly he made her climax using just his hands as she made her way back to Blue-eyed Hollow. If he keeps this up, the next twelve months are going to be a blast!
After checking in with Gavin once she safely made it to her parents’ house, Ruby changed into her pajamas, turned out the light and climbed into bed. Though she’d had another full day, including all that vigorous lovemaking, sleep would not come near her. She was wide awake. She had a lot on her mind. Mostly worries.  
Would her father like Gavin? Would he give them his blessing?  
Ruby knew that the rest of her family would go along with whatever her father decided whether they liked Gavin for themselves or not. They were all followers, even her sisters’ husbands.  
I hope Vinny has more backbone than Tom and Jerry, Ruby mused, concerning her brothers-in-law.
“Tom and Jerry,” she said aloud, chuckling at that reminder of the cartoon characters that bore the same names. It was even funnier to note that that famous cat and mouse team sometimes showed more backbone than her sisters’ husbands. Especially when it came to her father.  
Thinking about that childhood cartoon caused her anxieties about tomorrow’s family meeting to lessen. Eventually sleep enveloped her, though she slept fitfully.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier 

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