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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 16.1

After receiving Ruby’s call, Nancy rushed over to Peggy Lee’s place, which was situated above their friend’s beauty salon. Once there, she listened quietly as Ruby spilled every bean she had in her bag while they each sat in a wicker chair at Peggy Lee’s glass-top dining room table. She told them everything about her and Gavin. What they’d done last night and what they planned to do this next year. She even told them about the fun nicknames they’d given each other. 
“I can’t believe how lucky you are!” Peggy Lee exclaimed when she heard about Ruby’s night with Gavin. “The man fell in love and proposed marriage to you after only one night together. What in the world did you do to him?”

“Yeah, what did you do to him?” Nancy asked, speaking for the first time since she arrived. Her mouth had slammed shut and remained on lockdown from the moment she heard about Gavin’s expanding manhood until now. It was kind of hard to speak over the thick jealousy constricting her throat. 
Nancy had never been with a man worthy of a magnum-sized condom before. It wasn’t for lack of looking either. She had made a diligent search for years, judging the worth of a man by two things – the size of his wallet and the size of his penis. She had yet to find a man around these parts as worthy as Gavin Sweetwater. 
Nancy’s jealousy grew as Ruby disclosed that Gavin knew exactly how to use what he had, hitting a woman’s special spot every time. How he was so good in bed that she actually shed tears of joy at the end. That had been a WOW moment. Nancy had never experienced sex good enough to cry over before. 
Her last bout of jealousy occurred when she learned there would be a marriage between the two lovers. That although the union was only going to be a cup of convenience for Ruby, Gavin obviously wanted the whole pot of chili.
Why does everything good always happen to her? Nancy ranted silently. She didn’t even see that sex video as a bad thing. In her opinion, Ruby should have followed in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps and turned that video into several profitable business ventures for herself.
With her outstanding looks and sexual aptitude, the redhead could have been famous by now and them with her. Who cares what her family thought? With the amount of money Ruby stood to gain, the Hudsons would have just had to get over it. Better yet, let their daughter’s newfound millions comfort their hurt feelings and embarrassment.  
“What did I do to him?” Ruby said, reiterating the question she’d been asked. “Darn if I know.” She shrugged. “I was just being my regular old self last night. Gavin was the one being so exceptional. My body is going through changes right now just thinking about how exceptional he was.” She crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together. She let out a low moan. 
“The regular old self you show your family? Or the regular old self you show your friends?” Nancy asked, intrigued by which side of Ruby the man had been so captivated with. 
“The self that I show my friends. My true self. Gavin seems to like me wild and impulsive. At least that’s what he said.” Ruby smiled. 
Peggy Lee leaned in closer to look at her. “Are you sure you didn’t fall in love with him back? Because you are absolutely glowing right now.” She giggled.
Ruby frowned. “No!” she replied quickly and very loudly.
“Whoa!” Nancy winced, holding her ears. “Did you have to protest so loudly?”
“Sorry. I didn’t want either of you to get the wrong idea,” Ruby said in her normal voice. “There is no love at all on my part, just extreme lust. I can’t afford to fall in love with anyone.” 
“Why not, Ruby?” Peggy Lee didn’t look all that convinced.
Nancy wasn’t convinced at all as she returned her hands to the table.
“Because to me being in love comes with its own form of bondage. Certain things are going to be expected of me, things that I might not want to do. As both of you know, I’m already doing too many things I don’t want to do out of love now,” Ruby answered. 
“But you just signed on to be somebody’s wife for the next year, Ruby. That right there is gonna come with its own set of expectations,” Peggy Lee persisted. “Are you sure you’re up for this?” 
“Yes, because the end is going to justify the means. What’s spending one year of my life hanging out with Gavin compared to spending the rest of my life trapped in this town?” Ruby reasoned. 
“You want to leave Blue-eyed Hollow that bad, huh?” Nancy said, speaking again after another moment of silence. She never wanted to leave the Blue Ridge mountain area. She loved it. She wanted to raise her children here among the rounded mountains, which were famous for their bluish color when seen from a distance. 
Ruby nodded. “Yes, more than anything. Which is why I’m swearing you both to secrecy.” 
“Oh, we won’t tell a soul,” Peggy Lee said, answering for them both. “We want what’s best for you. Only thing is…” She paused and sniffed back a tear. “…we’re gonna miss you when you’re gone.” 
Speak for yourself, Nancy mused, keeping her face neutral as Ruby and Peggy Lee cried and hugged each other. I’m not going to miss her one bit. I wish she would leave now. Why wait until the year is over?
If Ruby left now, Nancy wouldn’t have to worry about losing another eligible bachelor to the gorgeous redhead. Then she’d truly be the most beautiful woman in Blue-eyed Hollow and Cleavertown combined.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier 

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