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Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 18.2

Ruby smiled at Gavin’s heated reaction to her homemade lingerie, which she made especially for him. The outer circumferences of her breasts were surrounded with minty dental floss. A wide strap of floss was around her waist. Long strands hung from the strap like a skirt, caressing her hips and thighs with every movement.  
“The floss always ends up here and here.” Ruby pointed to her plump breasts. The peaks were rigid already from excitement and anticipation. She’d been looking forward to this moment all day, all week, in fact.
Gavin moaned and came closer. “I see. Maybe this particular floss will be better in my mouth.” He bent to trace the silky threads with his tongue.  
Ruby moaned this time. She reached for his head and arched her body toward him.
Passion mounted fast as Gavin squeezed her globes together, licked both peaks and then sucked them. “My medical file is on the desk to your right. I advise you to look at it quickly, because I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to stay out of you,” he said in between suckles.
Impulsive, but not stupid, Ruby grabbed the file and opened it. It was hard to concentrate while he feasted and removed the floss from her body, but she forced herself to quickly scan down the forms until she saw the results of his latest physical. He was just as clean as she was, though he could work on getting his cholesterol down some more. She paid attention to things like that now on account of her father’s health issues.  
Having gotten the information she needed, Ruby flung the file across the desk. “There’s nothing holding us back now, sugar.” She snapped his white coat opened and began to unbutton his gray pinstriped shirt.
“Exactly!” Gavin lifted his head and then captured her lips now that she was completely bare.
Ruby melted into that kiss, receiving his tongue into her mouth as if it were a precious gift. He helped her undress him by shrugging out of his coat and shirt. Her hands hastened to his bare torso. She marveled at its hardness. Everything about him was rock hard.  
Ruby sent her right hand farther downward and unfastened his trousers. Oh how she missed the feel of him. They both moaned when she squeezed him intimately.
Abruptly breaking the kiss, Ruby yanked his black pants down, dropped to her knees and did what she dreamed of doing since they met. He tasted just as delicious as she imagined he would.  
Gavin hissed out an expletive and gripped the edge of the desk behind him for support as she went to town on him. He moaned out his pleasure and watched her under lowered eyelids for a full minute without moving as every muscle in his body grew harder by the second. “You are outstanding in every way, do you know that?” he whispered, tenderly moving her hair to one side.
Ruby winked up at him.
“I hope you also know that one good turn deserves another.” He grinned mischievously, stepping out of his pants and underwear before kicking them aside.
“Oh!” Ruby exclaimed as she was suddenly lifted up and turned upside down.
“I’m about to hear a lot more than that in a few minutes,” Gavin said, locking her legs about his neck with one hand while he held onto her torso with the other.
Squealing with delight, Ruby anchored her arms about his strong thighs and said, “Ready, set, go!”
Gavin let out a husky chuckle that quickly turned into a moan as she returned to her previous feast. He started his own feast, matching her ferocious appetite until her whole body trembled.
As if he sensed what was about to happen to her, Ruby was promptly turned right side up again. “Oh, Vinny,” she said when he joined them just as promptly.
This was her first time ever having sex without a condom. It felt sublime, which is why she went over the edge within seconds of entry. No one, not even Logan, could convince her to have sex without a condom, despite the fact that she’d been on birth control for years.   
When her trembling ceased, Ruby locked her legs about Gavin’s waist, held on to his neck and started to glide up and down upon him. He squeezed her bottom and fluently followed her rhythm. Though their bodies continued to move, time seemed to stand still as their eyes met and held.
She saw the love that he previously spoke of swimming freely in his eyes. The depth of it startled her. It made her gasp in shock. Was love like this even possible among humans? She thought unconditional love only came from God.
Feeling overwhelmed by what she saw, Ruby closed her eyes and returned her attention to the pleasures of their flesh. Therein was her comfort zone…and her freedom. Picking up the pace, she began to go wild upon him.  
“No, Red. Keep it slow. I want to savor you,” Gavin said, stilling his body.
Ruby’s eyes fluttered open again. She nodded. “Savor away.”
Gavin smiled. “I know just the place, too.” Then he carried her to the veranda and sat her down upon the daybed.
“Don’t go!” Ruby protested when he disengaged them. She reached for him.
He chuckled and shook his head. “Calm down, Red. I’m just pausing for a few seconds of repositioning,” he said, spreading her legs wider as he spoke. “Now scoot back some and rest your body against the headboard, baby.”
She promptly did as he instructed. As soon as she was comfortably settled, he quickly rejoined them as promised. “I see somebody is extra excited,” she said, noting how much he’d grown.
“Can you blame me? I haven’t seen or been inside you for a week. A long week,” Gavin replied, moving within her depths again.
Too long.” Ruby moaned, rotating her hips in unison with his clockwise motion.
Silence reigned for the longest time as Gavin proceeded to make the slowest of love to her. She never had a more patient lover nor one more thorough. He seemed intent on making sure she was satisfied, even at his own expense. 

As Ruby went over the edge of ecstasy two times in a row, Gavin was there to catch her and then take her even higher. When he finally flew over the edge, howling as he went, she clung to his drenched frame as if her own life depended upon it.
Mrs. Munsen put the sorted mail on the front counter and then retrieved her black purse from her desk. On the top of the stack of mail was a brown envelope from Cleavertown marked ‘personal and confidential’, which was why it was the only piece of mail that she hadn’t opened.  
After locking the outer office door, Mrs. Munsen headed to her car. She stopped short in her tracks when she heard a wild animal howling nearby. But why was that sound coming from inside the building?
She frowned and continued to her car when she realized that it wasn’t a wild animal at all. That was the howling of a man – her boss man.
Ain’t no telling what kinds of nasty things he’s letting her do to him, Mrs. Munsen thought, still disapproving of Gavin’s choice in wife, though she would not speak it aloud again.  
Now she wished she hadn’t told him about a prime piece of real estate in town. She gladly shared details about that ‘for sale’ sign when she thought her niece had a chance with him. Since her niece was nowhere Ruby’s league on multiple levels, she had deep regrets and wished she’d kept her mouth closed about that, too.  
What a waste of a good man, Mrs. Munsen thought, driving away as fast as she could.

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