Friday, December 12, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 15.1

“What!” Ruby shouted.
Gavin winced and pulled the phone away from his right ear. He expected her to be shocked by his unexpected marriage proposal. But not shocked to the point of shouting. “Can you bring it down a notch, Red?”
“I don’t want to be tied down and I definitely don’t want to be tamed,” she said, lowering her voice again. “Logan wanted to tame me with marriage and you see where that got him. Plus I have a hard enough time trying to act docile around my family during the week. Why do you think I go out and let my hair down every weekend? If I didn’t have that outlet, I would probably go crazy.” 
“I would never think of trying to tame you. I like you wild if you recall,” Gavin replied, referring to their night together. 
Ruby moaned. “Yes, I do remember. I’ve never felt freer in my life.” 
“That’s good to know, because marriage to me would set you free in other ways. You would be free to pursue your own dreams without upsetting your family,” Gavin advocated. “Our marriage would be your ticket out of Blue-eyed Hollow before you got too old to do all the things you want to do with your life. It would also enable us to continue a relationship that neither one of us are ready to stop now.” 
“But there’s no love between us. Are you sure you want to enter into a loveless union?”   
Gavin felt a prick of pain in his heart to learn that Ruby hadn’t fallen in love with him just as fast as he had her. However, he was determined to press forward. He would get her to love him…soon. 
“So what if our marriage doesn’t start out with mutual love. We have so many other things in common to pull it off. We both like sports, we both like steamy sex, and we both want you to be free. Not necessarily in that order, of course.” He chuckled, laughing at his own joke. 
Ruby laughed, too. “You make it sound so simple. But is a marriage of convenience ever simple?” 

“Ours would be simple. To make it even simpler for you, I’ll even include a pre-nup, so that all parties know where they stand at all times. By our twelfth month together, you will have phased yourself out of your father’s business without incurring his disapproval, your sisters will have seen you with a steady man in your life and possibly start trusting you around theirs again, and you will have started your new career.” 
“So let me get this straight in my head,” Ruby said. “If I marry you, I get to leave Blue-eyed Hollow guilt-free once I find a replacement at the shop, I finally get my family off my back, and I get to have sex with you for a whole year?” 
“Yes, yes, and most definitely yes!” Gavin said excitedly. He was so close to winning her over to his plan. He just knew it! 
Ruby chuckled. “The more you talk, the more I like this idea. But tell me, Vinny. What do you get out of all this?” She turned serious again. “I may have given you great sex, but surely that’s not enough to stick your neck out so far for me. For all you know, I may have infidelity issues and make the next twelve months of your life a living hell.” 
“Thought of that, too,” Gavin replied, just as seriously. “That’s why the pre-nup will have instant dissolution of the marriage if either of us proves unfaithful over the next year.” 
“Smart fella,” Ruby replied, sounding impressed. “But you still haven’t told me what you’re getting out of this deal.”  
“Honest answer or an emotionally safe one?” Gavin asked, ready to put himself on the line in another way. What did he really have to lose? He risked losing her either way. 
“I want an honest answer,” Ruby replied. 
“If you marry me, I get to spend the next year of my life with the woman I love.”

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