Saturday, December 20, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 19.1

On Saturday, Gavin went to the office extra early. He wanted to open yesterday’s mail and spend some time getting his head together before he saw his first patient. His head had been in the clouds ever since he saw Ruby yesterday and took their relationship to a new level. The fantastic memory of their night and early morning hours together had him more than a bit distracted this morning.   
Forcing himself to concentrate on work, Gavin began at the top of the mail stack with the brown envelope marked ‘personal and confidential’. It had no return address on it, but it was dated from a post office in Cleavertown. Inside was a plainly wrapped DVD case with a typed note attached.  
The note read: Are you sure you want to marry the town tramp? If so, scenes 5 & 6 are bound to change your mind.  
Letting out a harsh expletive, Gavin ripped the brown cover off the DVD. Sure enough, Ruby’s picture was in the right hand corner. She looked younger, slightly slimmer, and her eyes were glazed. However, she did have a sexy smile on her face.  
Gavin had seen that same smile just this morning when he made love to Ruby in his hotel room. She stayed with him in Cleavertown after they left his office last night. No doubt Ruby was chosen for the cover because she looked like a younger version of Baywatch babe – Angelica Bridges.  
Who would send this to me? Gavin mused. Mrs. Munsen? No, she’s too job scared for that. 

His mind immediately went to the next suspect – Ruby’s ex-boyfriend. Logan was the only one in town that had the most to lose if she ever got married. Plus, if he had no problem showing that video to her father, he definitely wouldn’t have a problem showing it to her fiancé.  
Gavin picked up his cell phone and called Ruby to confirm his suspicions. She was at work early today, as well. A pair of work clothes had been in the overnight bag that she brought to the hotel since she had no intentions of going home last night. He had no intentions of letting her as tired as they both were after everything they’d done separately and collectively yesterday.
“Hello, baby, this is Gavin,” he said as soon as she answered her cell phone.
“Hey, sugar,” Ruby purred. “What’s up?”
Gavin’s anger instantly faded away at the sound of her sweet voice. She sounded so happy to hear from him. He hated to spoil the good mood she was in, so he decided to delay the main purpose of this call a little while longer.
“How’s work going?” he stalled.
“It’s going steady. I’m helping Clayford with some engine work on a Dodge. At least I was right before you called.” She chuckled. “I’m standing near the break room now watching him try to figure things out on his own.”  
“Clumsy Clayford?” Gavin asked, quoting the nickname she’d given that particular coworker during one of their many discussions. Clayford was the same coworker that she deemed her father’s number one spy at work. Logan was Papa Hudson’s number one spy everywhere else.
“Good luck with that. I hope your group insurance is paid up.”
“It is.” She laughed. “Now what’s the real purpose of this call?”
Gavin smiled. He liked that she knew him so well already. “Before I tell you that, let me tell you how much I miss you.”   
“I miss you more. My body is still humming from what you did this morning. By the way, did you ever eat your breakfast after I left?” she whispered.  
“No.” Gavin chuckled. “But that’s okay. Sometimes I like to eat pancakes in the mornings. Other times I like to eat—”  
“Don’t say it!” Ruby quickly intervened.   
“…other things,” Gavin finished with a wide mischievous grin. “Are you blushing, Red?” he teased. He liked making her blush. It reminded him of how flushed her skin looked when she was very excited and/or climaxing.  
“Uh…no?” she denied in question form.  
“Pretty little liar.” Gavin laughed, momentarily forgetting about the DVD. Yet when he looked down at his desk, he quickly remembered the purpose of this call and the smile left his face. “Now on to why I really called.” He cleared his throat and became very serious. “I called because I received a very interesting package about you in the mail today. Actually it came in yesterday’s mail that I’m just now opening today.”  
“What kind of package? Wait, before you answer let me get my stool. I have a feeling that I’m going to need to sit down for this.”  
Gavin waited patiently during the five seconds that it took for her to locate her stool and sit down. “The package I received contained that DVD you told me about. The one you filmed in college.”  
“I see,” Ruby replied solemnly. “You know, I ought to be used to this type of humiliation by now, but it still hurts sometimes. Correction, it still hurts every time.” She took a deep breath and blew it out. “Did you watch it?”   
“No. I don’t need to. I have the real thing,” Gavin said in a soothing tone. “However, somebody obviously wanted me to watch it in hopes that I would change my mind about marrying you.”  
“Sounds like the work of my ex-boyfriend – Mr. Logan Randall Benjamin himself,” Ruby deduced with ire dripping from her every word as she cited his full name for the first time in Gavin’s presence.
“Benjamin? Logan’s last name is Benjamin?” he asked, recalling a few disturbing things his father told him about the Benjamins of Blue-eyed Hollow. One of which was the fact that he was to NEVER trust anyone with that last name.

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