Friday, December 5, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 12.1

Ruby woke up before Gavin the next morning. Instead of getting out of bed or awakening him, she took the time to admire his sleeping frame by the light of the early morning rays.  
This is the type of man that makes a woman glad to be a woman, she mused, approving of him in every way.  
Etched with muscles from head to toe, Gavin had the chiseled physique of a Greek statue. His handsome face had the distinctiveness of his Indian heritage all over it. In fact, he looked like a full-blooded Native American, though his father had been half-Indian/half-white and his mother was Hispanic.  

He looks like a taller, tanner, and more muscular version of Jay Tavare, Ruby thought, comparing Gavin to her favorite Native American actor. Now every time she watched Street Fighter, Into the West, Dreamweaver, Unbowed, or Cold Mountain, she would think of him.  
For a moment there, Ruby let her imagination go wild as thoughts of waking up beside Gavin for the rest of her life danced in her head. She inhaled sharply at the notion that she, of all people, would actually be having such thoughts. Ruby Dee Hudson didn’t want a husband, remember?  
Her loud intake caused Gavin to stir from his slumber. His gorgeous brown eyes fluttered open and met her gaze. He smiled, showing that adorable dimple in his cheek.  
Ruby’s breath caught again at that smile. Desire flooded her body. She impulsively reached over and ran a hand from his collarbone down to his rippled abs.  
Gavin moaned deep in his throat at her touch. Passion filled his eyes. Reaching beside him, he retrieved two things from the nightstand – a condom and a soft mint from the glass bowl. Both were necessary items in this pivotal moment.  
“Open wide, Red,” Gavin said huskily as he positioned the mint above Ruby’s lips. When she complied, he added, “Now share.”  
She sucked on the mint for just a second before bringing it back to the front of her mouth. Then she moved closer to share. Soon they were engaged in a game of who-has-the-mint-now?  
By the time the mint was gone, they were both breathing hard. While Gavin put on their protection, Ruby rose to an upright position and prepared to straddle him.  
“No, baby, I have other plans for us this morning,” he said, moving to hover above her missionary style.    
Ruby shook her head in protest at the one position she hated. “I don’t like men on top of me that way.”  
Gavin stopped short, noticing how her whole body tensed up. “Were you sexually abused before?” He frowned with concern.  
Ruby shook her head again. “No, but my first lover was a control freak of a guy who believed there was only one true sexual position – missionary style. He would do nothing else each time we were together. Ever since then I have been averse to that position.”  
“Oh.” Gavin nodded in understanding. A few seconds later, he gave her a sensual smile. “Fortunately, I know a whole lot of other positions we could try together. None that require me to be directly on top of you face-to-face.”  
Ruby’s eyes lit up with adventure. Then she followed his instructions to the letter as he introduced her to a variation of a sexual position called the scissors.  
Once she was on her back with her legs apart, Gavin kneeled in front of her and placed a pillow under her hips. When she was comfortable, he slowly joined them. Penetration was deep in this position. It got even deeper as he held both of her ankles and thrust forward in a rhythm that was deliberately unhurried.  
Ruby’s head thrashed back and forth on the other pillow while Gavin repeatedly hit her special spot as if he alone had the map to it. Her mouth uttered many things as he massaged her core. None of them were comprehensible. Groans and moans prevailed when her tongue failed.  
Ruby didn’t really have to talk. Gavin did enough talking for the both of them. Yet it wasn’t his mouth talking this time. It was his body.  
Each advance said, ‘Don’t be afraid to open up to me. I can be trusted.’
Each retreat said, ‘Even if I leave you for a little while, I can be trusted to return. And when I do, you’re going to feel even freer than before.’  
Receiving such things deep down in her soul, Ruby couldn’t help but climax fast and hard. Her whole body shook with release. Her eyes glossed over with emotion at the huge sense of liberation she felt with this man. The sense of completeness. A lone tear slid down her left cheek.  
Who knew it could be like this?  
Ruby sure didn’t.  
Gavin soaked up her reactions like a sponge. He fed off her enjoyment, facial expressions, and her steamy words. They heightened his own pleasure. He soon went over the edge, too…very loudly.  
Instead of collapsing on top of her when he was spent, Gavin lay beside Ruby to catch his second wind. When he noticed that her trembling didn’t stop and her tears became more plentiful as that significant moment lengthened and widened with emotion, he pulled her into his arms and held her in a comforting embrace.

(c) 2014 by Mi'Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier 

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