Friday, December 19, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 18.1

While Gavin waited for Ruby to be shown to his office, he went to the adjoining veranda to make sure everything was just as he left it thirty minutes ago. The enclosed porch was where he had a rustic sunroom built when he first bought the building. He had a large daybed, two chairs, and an end table added this week so that he could take power naps as needed throughout the day or sleep at the office overnight if he ever had to due to any winter storms in the area. He also added vertical blinds for privacy.

Everything is as it should be, Gavin thought, smiling at the inviting bed. The black and red bedding would be rumpled very soon.
As for Ruby’s engagement ring, that had been stored in his office safe earlier. There was wine and food chilling in the small fridge to the left of his mahogany desk.
When Gavin returned to his office, Ruby was sitting in one of the leather visitor chairs dressed in a red mini-dress and matching stilettos. A puzzled look was upon her face as Mrs. Munsen gushed all over her, offering to get her a beverage, a pillow for her back, and anything else she needed.
“I’m fine…really,” Ruby told the older woman. “Thank you though.”
“Oh, you’re most welcome, darling!” Mrs. Munsen smiled. Then she turned to Gavin and cheerfully added, “If there’s nothing further, doctor, I’ll finish up the mail and then leave for the day as well.”
“There’s nothing further. Drive safely, Mrs. Munsen.” Gavin smiled, nodding his approval of her behavior and request to leave early.
“I will and thank you,” Mrs. Munsen replied. Then she politely excused herself and closed the door behind her.  
“You told her, didn’t you?” Ruby asked, turning a knowing gaze toward him once they were alone.  
“Told her what?” Gavin smiled coyly.  
“Told her about us getting hitched. Mrs. Munsen has never treated me that good before. Not even before my reputation was ruined.”  
“Yes, I told her. I had to.” He frowned. “I couldn’t let her bad mouth you in my presence. Before this year is up, I’m going to see to it that everyone in this town gives you the respect that you deserve.”  
Ruby shrugged and frowned, as well. “Some people are never going to change their opinion of me, Vinny. Some people simply like the negative zone. You have to accept that before you go on this righteous crusade of yours.”  
“I know, but I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t at least try.” He smiled again. “Now enough about that. Let’s talk about why you’re here today, Miss Hudson, soon-to-be Mrs. Sweetwater.” As he spoke, he went to lock the office door. Though Ruby was his last patient of the day, he didn’t want Mrs. Munsen coming back in to give him today’s mail before she locked up for the evening and left.  
Ruby giggled. “Well, Dr. Sweetwater, I was wondering if I was flossing right.” She stood to her feet and unzipped the side of her dress. “You see, I keep pulling floss from the spool, but it never seems to end up in my mouth.”  
“Where does it end up?” Gavin turned to face her at the first unzip.
When Ruby’s dress fell to the floor, he moaned and licked his lips at the loin-stirring sight before him. Instead of underwear, she wore dental floss beneath her dress. Dental floss!

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