Friday, December 12, 2014

Country Gal Gone Wild - Chapter 15.2

“You love me?” Ruby whispered. “Already? How?” 
“Yes to your first and second questions. As for your third, I don’t know how it happened. All I know is that it did happen. What started as an instant attraction that night at the club turned into something deeper by the next morning. When I recognized what it was, I decided to go with the flow.” 
Ruby also felt something deep for Gavin, but she wouldn’t necessarily call it love…yet. She erroneously thought she was in love before. All that turned out to be was yet another attempt to please her father, who’d always been a strong Logan fan. That was why she’d been able to leave him so easily and never look back. In fact, she didn’t miss Logan one day, one hour, or even one minute of her college career. Interestingly enough, she missed Gavin as soon as they parted ways this morning. 
“You’ve gotten quiet on me, Red,” Gavin prompted after a full minute had passed. “Does that mean that you’re trying to find a polite way to turn me down? Or are you seriously considering my offer of marriage? To help make your decision easier, I think you should know that I don’t expect you to love me back. If it eventually happens, so be it, and I’ll be a happier man for it. However, I do expect you to keep making love to me. After all, that’s what you would have done anyhow had our relationship continued the normal way.” 
He had her on that last part. Ruby definitely would have continued to make love to Gavin from here to eternity…without a marriage license. That’s how strong their attraction was. That’s how much she enjoyed his body and all the things he could do with it. 
“First of all, let me just say that you should have been a lawyer instead of a dentist/pilot because you’re very convincing. Secondly, I accept your offer of marriage, which means you need to be at my house by 3:30pm next Sunday. Bring a ring with you. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but pretty enough to impress my mother and sisters. Bring your best manners and words to impress my father,” Ruby replied.  

Gavin let out a long breath of relief. He didn’t realize he’d been holding his breath all this time. It’s a wonder he hadn’t passed out by now. “First and foremost, I’m so glad you consented, Red. I really think we’re going to have a lot of fun together over the next year. Secondly, are you still planning on having a raging toothache Friday morning?” 
Ruby laughed. “There’s no need to now that we’re getting married and all.” 
Gavin growled and rubbed his free hand across his hardened desire. “Trust me, there is a need. Parts of me are aching now and we’ve only been apart for a few hours.” 
“Six hours, thirty-five minutes and…” Ruby paused. “…eighteen seconds to be exact according to the watch on my arm.” 
Gavin chuckled. “I miss you already, too, baby.” 
For the rest of their call, they forced themselves to focus on the nonsexual details of their pending union. They also spent time learning more basic facts about each other’s backgrounds. Things like their home addresses, full names of their closest relatives, birthdates, birthplaces, favorite colors, clothing styles, and even favorite ice cream flavors among a wide range of other things. 
They couldn’t appear too unfamiliar with one another, lest her family suspect that their marriage was actually one of convenience. They also agreed to tell everyone that they’d been secretly dating for a month in case anyone asked how long they’d known each other. The only people who would know any differently were Nancy and Peggy Lee, but of course, they wouldn’t tell anyone. 
To make sure that didn’t happen, Ruby headed over to Peggy Lee’s place two hours later. She called Nancy and asked her to meet her there, too. Not only did she have to tell them how her night had gone with Gavin, she had to share all the other things that occurred since last seeing them.

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