Friday, September 19, 2014

Loving Contrasts - Chapter 8.2

Just when I’m ready to try dating again, I have to fall for a white man! Inaya took deep breaths to calm down as she sat in the driver’s seat with her keys still in her right hand.
Why couldn’t I have fallen for one of those gorgeous black men that asked me out just this week? It would have made my life so much easier, she thought, reminded of her long term political aspirations. Someday she planned to run for public office in order to get certain policies passed much quicker on behalf of the children in this area.
But no, I had to fall for Chandler. Mr. Great Kisser. Mr. Gift-Of-Gab himself. She fumed with resentment against her rebellious heart and body. They still wanted Chandler. They wanted his smile, his laughter, and most definitely his kisses.

Inaya was starting to wonder if she was cursed in the man department. From childhood until now, things have always ended badly every time a man tried to get close to her.
Just then, Chandler knocked on her window. “Can I ask you a question before you go?”
Inaya winced. She could kick herself for not starting up the car and driving off as soon as she got inside. No, she just had to sit there and sort out her thoughts. Now she was doomed to have another awkward conversation.
“What is it?” Inaya said, lowering the window as she turned to face him.
“If you had a problem with interracial dating, why did you agree to go out with me tonight?” Chandler asked, bending his tall frame low enough to face her eye-to-eye.
Inaya looked away, not necessarily at anything in the parking lot, just away at nothing in particular. “I thought I could overcome my misgivings because I really liked you.” She chanced a glance back at him.
Chandler smiled, looking pleased with her honest disclosure. “So you liked me that much, huh?”
Inaya maintained eye contact as she nodded her answer. Yet she was suddenly afraid to speak with his gorgeous face only inches away from hers. Their nearness caused his spicy cologne to mingle with her perfume, creating a unique and very alluring blend. If only they could do the same in other ways.
“Do you still like me that much?” His voice was a husky rumble. His warm breath caressed her face.
Inaya nodded her answer again. Her heart pounded with excitement. Oh how she wanted him to kiss her again…and again…and again.
“Well, don’t give up on us then,” Chandler said and then captured her lips with his.
The first kiss was a light brush across the lips, teasing, and testing to see if she was willing. The second kiss was a delightful smack. The third was a heart-thrilling, loin-stirring, toe-curling, deep kiss that threatened to send them both over the edge of sanity. Especially when he briefly paused to open the car door, pull her out, and deepen the kiss even more.
That long kiss didn’t make room for prejudice, unsound reasoning, and faulty logic. It didn’t care that they were in public or that their complexions were different. While Inaya engaged in that kiss, she didn’t care about those things either. Instead she continued to indulge herself to the fullest with Chandler’s lips, catering to her own opinion of their relationship and not those of others. And she felt free, so very free doing it, too.
Blair peeled out of the parking lot after seeing Chandler go at Inaya as if she was the best thing since sliced bread. “Yeah, right, he’s saved and celibate!” she said, reciting the excuses he’d given her for why a relationship between them wouldn’t work. “No Christian man kisses a woman like that.”
He’s probably going to take her back to his place and give her the same good loving that he gave me, Blair thought with winter-green jealousy pricking at her heart as she made her way home.
By the time she arrived at her gray and blue townhouse, she decided not to concede defeat just yet. Inaya had revealed a crack in her beautiful armor by showing sensitivity to interracial issues. Blair would find a way to chip away at that crack until it was big enough for Chandler to fall through and land safely in her waiting arms.  

© 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Hello all its great to be back again for another great story. I am so seeing myself in both characters.


  2. Lakeisha: Welcome aboard, lady! Glad to have you back.

  3. Blair let the man go! He doesn't want you....

  4. Vongai: Even if Blair could hear you, she's too stupid to listen to somebody with sense. No worries though. I know how to make her go away real quick. Stay tuned...