Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Loving Contrasts - Chapter 10.2

Inaya woke up around 3am and watched Chandler doze beside her. She couldn’t believe that there was an actual naked man in her bed. A white man at that. No man had ever slept over before. Very few men had even been in her townhouse. Three, in fact. Her brother-in-law, a maintenance man and the cable guy.
Inaya also couldn’t believe that she had sex with Chandler on the first date. Not once, but at least five times and in three different locations – the living room, bedroom, and the shower. Each time had been wilder than the last and included a myriad of positions. No wonder the man had been too tired to drive home.
Fortunately, Chandler always stored changing clothes and essentials in an overnight bag in his trunk. He did so since he often slept over at a relative’s house at a moment’s notice or was unexpectedly called to go out of town for work purposes.
I’m going to enjoy looking at all this fineness while I can, Inaya thought, still convinced that they had no future together, despite how compatible they were in so many ways.
That kind of doubt is why she kept her eyes closed for much of their coupling. She hadn’t wanted to commit the sight of Chandler making love to her to memory. The unparalleled feeling of him making love to her was going to produce enough torturous memories as it was. 
There’s one thing we haven’t done yet. Inaya licked her lips as she eased lower on the large high-post bed. Two hours are more than enough time, she thought, calculating how long she had to enjoy him before it was time for them to prepare for work.
“Yes.” Chandler moaned in his sleep. He was having that dream again. The dream where Inaya’s soft lips were doing special things to his body. Except this time the dream felt so real. Too real.
“What the…” Chandler awakened with a start. A moan quickly followed when he realized where he was, who he was with, and what she was doing. “Yes, princess,” he said, relaxing again as she continued to go to town on him.
How did Inaya know that this was his favorite way to wake up in the morning? But then again, this was most men’s favorite way to wake up in the morning. So maybe she was among the privileged few women that had this insider knowledge and didn’t mind acting upon it.
Always willing to be a team player, Chandler gently swung Inaya’s lower body toward him and returned the favor. It was something he wanted to do last night, but thought she would object because it was too soon. But then again, everything they’d done thus far had moved faster than expected.
Inaya moaned with pleasure at the liberties he took. She settled more fully upon him and picked up the pace.
Chandler matched her pace, feasting like a ravenous man. He was…for her. When he felt her body began to shake, he knew he would not be satisfied just watching her go over the edge. He liked it much better when he stroked her through her orgasms.
After grabbing one of the gold packets that he placed on her nightstand last night, he quickly protected them, and then just as quickly joined her from behind. She started bucking against him as soon as he entered her. He growled and bit her on the back of her right shoulder, loving all that energy and the way she instinctively pulled on the wild side of him. The side that he suppressed when he came to live with the Edenfields. The side of him that used to give as good as he got in foster home brawls.
Chandler gave as good as he got right now. So much so that Inaya had to hold on to the bed post for support. His ears soaked up her love sounds – the sensual way she moaned and groaned, sucked air through her teeth, and called his name using a variety of volumes. He especially loved how mesmerized she looked by the sight of them in the mirror on the east wall. He was more than ready to put on quite the show for her.
Inaya knew she had made a huge mistake by keeping her eyes open this time. She compounded that mistake when she turned her gaze to the mirror and suddenly got stuck on stupid. Now she couldn’t turn away. 

Chandler’s winter tan, tan lines, long limbs and strong muscles turned her on immensely. The sight of his power-driving turned her on the most. The way he kept squeezing her bottom inward, upward, and outward as if he was kneading dough, increased the friction and the spasms in her body.
Yet nothing prepared Inaya for what happened next. Not only did Chandler slow the pace from feverish to brisk, but he began to long stroke her – retreating almost to the point of disconnect and then advancing with a hard slam.
So this is why Blair can’t leave him alone, Inaya thought, remembering the look of desperation in the other woman’s eyes. It was going to be hard for her to leave him alone after this trick, too. But unlike Blair, she was going to do it.
I can do anything I put my mind to, Inaya mused with determination, forcing her eyes closed as she went over the edge yet again.

© 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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  1. Anonymous2:32 AM

    she is in denial.. so many of her rules she's broken already.. and I don't think Chandler is ready to let go.. no siree..
    love the updates sup. kept refreshing all day yesterday to read them....

    1. Anon: I think you're absolutely right! lol. I'll keep updating as often as I can.

  2. too hot!!!!!!!!!!! Chandler mmmm... Stop lying to yourself Inaya.

    1. Vongai: You like that scene, huh? lol. Wonderful! And yes, Inaya might be telling herself a bit of untruths, half-truths, and outright lies. lol

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Inaya honey really sweetie you need to get over it. You are in lust going to love with this man enjoy it honey embrace it. Dont let your mama make you lose a good thing. I m sorry but good loving from intelligent hard working men dont happen often. Who cares if he is white he is still a man? Lakeisha

    1. Lakeisha: I love when y'all start talking to the characters like they're real people. You're giving her some great advice too!