Friday, September 19, 2014

Loving Contrasts - Chapter 6.2

Inaya’s mouth dropped open at Chandler’s blunt words. She never expected him to call her out like that, even if he had seen right through her weak attempt to contact him under the guise of business.
That’s what I get for acting under false pretenses, she scolded herself. Now she wondered how she was going to back out of this sticky situation.
What to do? What to do? She scratched the side of her right temple as she waited for the answer to come.
One thing Inaya did know was that she needed to force some words out of her mouth if it was to remain open like this. Her bottom lip still hadn’t met the top lip again yet and her tongue was rapidly drying out.
“That’s okay, Inaya.” Chandler chuckled huskily in her ear. “I think I know why you called. Can I take you to a movie this Friday? Maybe dinner afterwards?”
Though pleased that he seemed more than willing to give her a second chance, Inaya wasn’t about to go out to dinner with him. Not in this town. It was way too public. And yet she would not, could not turn him down again, not completely. Thus a compromise was in order.
Maybe we can do a midweek movie instead, Inaya thought, quickly coming up with a better solution. Hardly anyone went to a movie on a night that Bible studies were held all over town.
“Can’t do dinner,” Inaya finally replied as she stood to her feet. Building excitement at the thought of seeing him again wouldn’t let her remain in her desk chair. “But I’d love to see a movie with you. Tomorrow, if you’re free,” she quickly added. She started to pace the floor in her office, giving her faux crocodile-friendly fuchsia pumps a thorough workout.
“A movie would be great! And I will most definitely be free tomorrow,” Chandler replied, sounding just as excited. “Can’t wait to see if your eyes are as gorgeous as I remember.”
Inaya blushed. Desire rolled over her in sweltering waves. I don’t know what’s come over me, she mused in awe of herself and of his effect on her. But whatever it is, I can’t help but like it.
From the time she heard Chandler’s date request on the radio until now, she’d been thinking and acting a lot differently than usual. Despite her misgivings about starting a relationship with him, she not only put herself in the pursuer’s seat today, but attempted to use the only excuse she could think of just to talk to the man that had danced in and out of her daydreams and night dreams for two whole weeks.
But what was so special about this man? Yes, he was handsome. Yes, he was funny and intelligent. But there were plenty of handsome, funny, and intelligent men of all races in the world. Why him?
Maybe it was the fact that Chandler thought enough to research what her name meant in Swahili. Maybe it was the boldness he’d shown by asking her for a date over the airwaves. Most likely it was how comfortable he made her feel in his presence and his ability to make her feel something she hadn’t felt in a long time – safe. 

Either way, Inaya was going on this movie date with him. After that, who knows?
A short distance behind Chandler, Loretta’s ears perked up as his conversation changed from business to personal matters. She listened hard while she made coffee with two bags instead of one until the strong brew tasted and functioned more like coffeine instead of coffee. The night and early morning crew liked their coffee strong. They usually ingested as much caffeine as possible during their shifts and consumed large amounts of donuts and other carbohydrates to stay alert.
Thankfully the station only had to spring for the coffee. The pastries were often donated by caring listeners, eager salespeople, or advertisers looking for a free plug.
Only Chandler drink tea and he usually made that himself. Although he ate his fair share of the pastries, he never gained any weight like the rest of them. His chiseled physique was just one reason her secret best friend still adored him.
Blair is not gonna like this, Loretta thought, continuing to listen like a mice-catching coyote to Chandler’s date plans. After I tell her this, maybe, just maybe she will finally move on with her life…with me.

© 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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