Friday, September 19, 2014

Loving Contrasts - Chapter 6.1

After more prayer, Chandler decided to let Inaya make the next move. If she did, he’d know for sure if the attraction really was mutual or if it had been just a figment of his imagination. Once she did that, he’d take it from there. At least until the shy woman was more comfortable with him. Then he’d let her pursue him at will like all the others had done before her. Like some of them still did to this day, despite his celibacy.
In Chandler’s opinion, when someone pursued him, it meant that they actually wanted to be with him. It also meant that he stood less of a chance of them abandoning him in the future. He was looking for a woman like that, the kind of woman that wouldn’t leave him like his birth mother had.
Although Chandler wanted to be pursued, he did not want to be stalked. He’d been stalked during his junior year at Montrose University by a girl named Susan Estes and it was not fun. He eventually had to take a restraining order out on her.
Because of that incident, Chandler frequently cautioned Christina about pursuing Linus so zealously. He didn’t want her to get in trouble or to be seen as another desperate big girl, despite the fact that she had the face of an angel and the bubbly personality of a cheerleader. In fact, she’d been a cheerleader at every school she ever attended regardless of her size. Now Christina was one of the top real estate agents in the area. She helped him find and secure the four-bedroom, three-bath house that he currently owned.
Now that Chandler had a house, he was ready to do like Luther Vandross sang and ‘turn his house into a home’. The right woman would help him do that. Was Inaya the right woman? He hoped so. He had a gut feeling that she was.

Chandler finally received a call from Inaya two weeks later. Unfortunately, it was five minutes after his shift ended, so he didn’t have a whole lot of privacy to talk because he was still in the studio area. Loretta and Pablo Avarelo, the radio engineer, were in the room with him.
Chandler wanted to go to his office and finish the call, but he could not, or rather would not leave the area. He had to make sure the glitches in the microphones were properly taken care of. Although Pablo was a good engineer, he lacked follow through at times. It had been hard enough trying to find the evasive man around the station today and they didn’t want him to get lost again.
Chandler couldn’t rest easy until the popping P’s were eliminated. He didn’t want what happened during his shift to happen during DJ Treat’s shift. It had been highly irritating to hear a popping sound every time he pronounced a word with a hard ‘P’ in it.
 Of equal irritation is the fact that Inaya started her call with business talk. She mentioned nothing about Chandler’s date request. She showed no gratitude or even acknowledged the fact that he’d played her favorite song specifically in her honor.
Why is she talking about this stuff again? Did she not hear the next day’s show at all? And why is she talking so fast? Chandler wondered, puzzled by Inaya’s current no-nonsense behavior and by the fact that she was rehearsing things they’d already gone over in their long meeting or that was already included in literature she’d given him to read.
Suddenly it dawned on him why she was behaving so strangely. He’d had enough women in his life to know when one was trying too hard not to show how much she liked him. Which meant not only had Inaya heard that date request show, she’d finally gotten up the nerve to call in response to that show and just didn’t know how to broach the subject yet.
Chandler smiled at that realization. His confidence rose again. He stood a little bit taller against the sturdy glass wall of the studio area, squared his shoulders, and poked his chest out a little bit more.
I knew there was something between us that day. No one spends two hours in a meeting that should have only taken fifteen minutes, he thought, watching the engineer change the black screens on the various microphones to pinpoint the problem. So my pretty little Eva Marcille look-alike is a bit slow out of the gate, huh? Let me see what I can do to help her out.
Chandler went along with Inaya’s business-as-usual talk for several minutes. He even told a few light-hearted jokes to help her relax all the more. Yet at the end of the call, he dealt with the situation the way he dealt with most situations in life – with straightforward honesty.
“Thanks for all of that great information, Inaya. But in case you forgot, we covered all of that the last time we talked. Now what did you really call me about, Miss Lady?” he said in a teasing manner.

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