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Loving Contrasts - Chapter 10.1

Inaya’s fondness for and attraction to Chandler grew when he insisted on not only paying for her battery, but installing it, and then following her home to make sure it was working properly. By the time she pulled up to her large one-bedroom garden townhouse, her body was on fire. Not even the heavy raindrops falling from above could cool her off.
“Thanks for walking me to my door,” Inaya said, unable to keep the huskiness out of her voice. She also couldn’t stop watching his Adam’s apple. It was so sexy the way it bobbed as he swallowed. She wondered how his neck tasted. She wondered how he tasted all over.
“That’s what gentlemen are supposed to do.” Chandler smiled, holding his large blue umbrella above their heads.
“Would this gentleman like to come inside for a while? At least until the storm subsides,” Inaya offered, not ready for their night to end yet. She also didn’t want him driving in this weather. They had to drive like snails just to make it safely to her place. Plus she really wanted another kiss…away from prying eyes, especially those of her nosey neighbors – the Fergusons.
Chandler knew he should say no, especially when he looked down into Inaya’s eyes and saw desire ablaze in her chocolate pools, but instead he said, “Okay.” He wasn’t ready for their night to end either. Plus he really wanted another kiss.
A kiss – that’s as far as it’s going to go tonight, he promised himself and God as he followed Inaya inside her home.
Things quickly changed once the door closed.
Chandler barely got a chance to put the umbrella in the stand beside the door when Inaya stood on tiptoes and licked upwards from his Adam’s apple to his mouth. Where had her shyness gone? Had it all been an act? And how did she know that that was his sweet spot?
Chandler dove into that kiss with everything he had. It was just as succulent as the last one. Just as long. Just as juicy. Just as fervent.
As the long kiss ensued, he sent exploring hands to Inaya’s frame. Her skin was silky smooth. Her curves were soft. Her muscle groups were femininely toned. Everything was in the right place.
Best of all, she moaned with pleasure wherever he touched her. And he touched her often. Greedily. His hands couldn’t get enough of caressing her, kneading her, and squeezing her. Especially her ample bottom.
Inaya touched him just as often, just as greedily. She touched him high and low. She squeezed him in places that no woman had been allowed access to in months. He never wanted her to stop.
Everything went so fast. Almost too fast.
Chandler didn’t know how their clothes ended up on the floor by the front door. All he knew was that Inaya initiated most of their undressing and that her aggression excited him to no end. It was certainly enough for him to brush aside the sudden conviction he felt about not keeping that earlier promise to God and himself.
Forgive me for being so weak for this woman, Lord. I’ll be stronger next time, Chandler compromised, quickly silencing the rest of his conviction as Inaya kissed him over to the wide brown and gold striped couch and then straddled him.
The long kiss continued as he donned their protection. She simply wouldn’t turn his lips or his tongue loose. He didn’t want her to. Inaya was the best kisser he’d ever had. He couldn’t wait to see if she was superior in other areas.
With their protection now in place, Chandler wasted no time becoming one with her. The kiss abruptly ended the second he entered her tropical cove.
“Oh my!” Inaya gasped, pulled her head back, and looked up into his eyes. “They should call you The Humungous E instead.”
Chandler smiled at that compliment. “You can call me that…in private,” he said, surging upward on the word ‘private’.
Inaya moaned, closed her eyes, and rotated her hips to welcome him deeper inside. She licked her way from his Adam’s apple to the pulse spot beneath his left ear and suckled it as he joined them to the hilt. She moaned in pleasure with each upward thrust.
Before Chandler could adjust to her incredible snugness, she anchored her hands upon the crest rail of the sofa and started to go wild upon him. Though he lifted his hips off the sofa and offered her unlimited access to his hardened desire, he stilled the rest of his body as he silently watched her in action for a few moments.
Inaya’s body was even more beautiful naked. Her mocha skin was blemish free. There wasn’t a stretchmark in sight. Only four adorable little beauty moles sprinkled like confetti along her torso.
Chandler’s gaze returned to Inaya’s full breasts. The way they bounced as she moved made him even more granite. He grew harder when he leaned in, tasted them, and found them just as succulent as they looked.
Although Chandler could tell that Inaya wasn’t a virgin, he could also tell that she hadn’t been sexually active in a while. No way could she be this snug and this explosive with regular activity. No, this was a fire that had been simmering for a long time. How long he didn’t know since they had yet to talk about sex. And yet here they were…having it.
Unwilling to remain a casual spectator in this sport, Chandler anchored his hands at Inaya’s waist and began to match her rhythm. That only served to make her wilder and wetter. In turn, he grew achingly harder.
Sweat spilled from their pores as they hammered against each other at a lightening pace. The potent squeezing of Inaya’s walls had Chandler nearly out of his mind. Yet he refused to cross the finish line. He wanted to stretch out this race for as long as he could.
Inaya didn’t seem to have the same priority. She went over the edge within ten minutes. She did so with her eyes closed, shouting his name over and over again. “Chand-ler! Chand-ler! Chand-ler!”
Chandler liked hearing his name said like that. He liked the powerful spasms that accompanied her climax even better. Flipping them over until he was now above her, he began to stroke her deeper, harder, slamming into her with precision. He watched her eyes flutter open, stare at him intently for a long moment, and then shutter again as the spasms in her body strengthened and took over, causing her to tremble violently with release.
“Oh, Chand-ler, Chand-ler, Chand-ler,” Inaya said more softly this time as her hips surged up to meet his repeatedly. 

No longer able to prolong the inevitable, Chandler retreated almost to the point of disconnect, then slammed into her one last time as he finally went over the edge. “Princess,” he endeared, deeming her royalty for being the first woman to ever make him fall in love on the first date.

© 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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