Friday, September 19, 2014

Loving Contrasts - Chapter 7.1

Chandler dressed casual, but sporty for tonight’s movie date. He wore a pair of tan trousers and a sky-blue polo shirt that matched his eyes. On his feet were a pair of leather loafers. His outfit was perfect for tonight’s warm weather.
Since Inaya asked to meet him at the Cineplex instead of being picked up at her place, he showed up twenty minutes early to buy their tickets and to calm the sudden case of nerves that he had about seeing her again. He hadn’t felt this nervous since his very first date at the age of fifteen.
Would their attraction be as strong as before? Or had time and distance caused their chemistry to wean?
Inaya showed up ten minutes after Chandler did. Everything around him became a fantastic blur as his eyes focused solely on her. She was dressed in a brown jumpsuit that was half satin with a lacy trim at the top, leading to formfitting pants at the bottom. The matching stilettos on her feet added height to her short frame. She wore big brown hoop earrings, a matching necklace and bangles, and her hair was styled into an afro.

Now this is what you call a Nubian queen, Chandler thought, loving how the last rays of the setting sun played with her sandy highlights. She looked regal and elegant.
And her walk.  
Something moved in two places within him – his heart and loins – at the sight of Inaya’s sensual stride toward him. She walked like she knew she had that good-good between her legs. Chandler almost wished he wasn’t celibate as he waited for her near the left entrance.
He also wished his ability to speak coherently hadn’t just left. “Uh…um…” he began, uttering things that broadcasters should never say on air. Uh and um were no-no’s in his line of work. If he wanted to keep people’s attention, he had to speak much better than that.
Rather than make a complete fool of himself, Chandler snapped his mouth shut and just continued to stare at the brown beauty that had chosen to spend some of her precious time with him. Him! He felt so privileged.
Inaya smiled knowingly at his stuttering. She’d never heard him say anything so inarticulate in all the years she listened to him on the radio.
Speechless, Big E? Whatever would your listeners think? Inaya mused, loving his reaction to her appearance. So I chose the right outfit after all. 
“You look nice, Chandler,” Inaya said, breaking the electrically charged silence between them as she slowly scanned his tall frame from the bottom up as she’d done the first time she laid eyes on him.
When Inaya finally reached his blue pools, her heart suddenly took off in a gallop. In his eyes was undisguised passion swimming around, scuba diving, and doing backward flips off his long black lashes. There was no doubt about it – this man wanted her with every fiber of his being.
To Inaya’s complete surprise, she wanted him just as much. Goosebumps, fine hairs standing on edge, and tingling fingertips didn’t lie.
It must have been all those dreams, she thought, recalling how often he’d been on her mind over the last two weeks.
Yet when she thought back even farther, she realized that Chandler’s voice had slowly serenaded her over the last three years via radio. His voice had created that secret crush that she was finally acting upon.
“You look nice, too. So nice that you made me speechless for a minute there,” Chandler replied, having finally found his voice. He grinned that fantastic pearly grin of his, showing off strong, naturally straight teeth.
Inaya’s breath hitched at that smile.
Chandler lowered his mouth to her right ear, inhaled deeply, and moaned. “Mmm…you smell nice, too.” He moaned again. “Real nice.”  
Good golly Miss Molly! The man is sniffing me, she thought, highly turned on and pleased that he liked her newest favorite perfume. She chose to wear Relentless tonight because it was breezy and highly stimulating to the nose.
“Although I have no personal objections to your beauty or the wonderful way you smell, the effect that they have on me is not necessarily good for my business. You don’t want me to get fired, do you?” His whisper sounded almost like a low growl as his warm breath caressed her ear and neck.
The delicious tingling spread to Inaya’s toes as she turned her head to answer him. “No,” she whispered breathlessly, her lips only inches away from his.
Please kiss me, Inaya silently petitioned, meeting his hot gaze. She didn’t have enough fortitude within herself to initiate such an act in public, and not just because Chandler wasn’t African-American, either. She just wasn’t a publicly affectionate person.
Chandler had more than enough fortitude for the both of them. Yet instead of kissing her now as her large brown eyes compelled him to, he decided to let things slowly escalate between them. This way not only did it give them more time to get to know one another better, it also allowed their mutual attraction to rise to a thorough boil, and hopefully bring Inaya out of some of her shyness in the process.
Although Chandler adored that refreshing quality about her, he suspected that there was an inferno blazing underneath. No woman could walk that sassily and not have some fire in her veins.
“Good. I’m glad we’re on the same page,” Chandler whispered back as he gently brushed her cheek with his hand, energizing the electrical currents flowing between them even more.
Inaya shuddered from his touch. Yet her eyes held disappointment when no kiss was forthcoming.
Don’t worry, baby. We’ll get that kiss. I promise you that, Chandler mused confidently as he put his hand gallantly behind her back and ushered her inside the theater.

© 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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