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Loving Contrasts - Chapter 14.1

Inaya kept going to the window and looking outside on that warm evening. It was only 6:30pm, but she was eager for Chandler to arrive. She couldn’t wait to see him. She couldn’t wait to be seen by him. She bought the peach-colored backless maxi-dress and matching stilettos with him in mind.
Inaya squealed when she saw his jeep suddenly pull up outside. “Okay, calm down, girl. He’s just a man,” she told herself, taking deep breaths as she stepped away from the window.
Yeah, but Chandler’s not just any man. Any man wouldn’t have me dreaming about him every night to the point that I need a cold shower every morning, Inaya reminded herself as she waited for him to ring the doorbell.
“Hello, beautiful,” Chandler said when she opened the front door to his smiling face. In his hands were a bouquet of twelve red roses wrapped in red and silver cellophane paper and tied with a red bow. “These are for you.”
“Hello yourself, handsome, and thanks.” Inaya graciously received the bouquet and ushered him inside.
Handsome was an understatement for the way Chandler looked in the fitting jeans, V-neck blue and white striped polo shirt, and white sneakers. Hot was a better word. Sizzling!
Chandler bit his bottom lip as he followed Inaya to the living room. Though that formfitting dress covered her from neck to ankles in the front, it dipped low in the back, almost to the top of her bottom. His jeans tightened along the zipper area at the sight of all that smooth mocha skin. He swelled even more when he didn’t see a panty line anywhere.

Focus on something else, Chandler scolded himself as he dragged his gaze up from her bare back, jiggling bottom, and sexy hips. Remember no more fornicating.
He anticipated being attacked with desire and that was why he left his condoms at home. He wanted to have a convenient excuse not to sin tonight. Plus he knew that Inaya wasn’t on any birth control, which was an added deterrent. She shared that little tidbit with him when he wanted to take her raw in the shower that first night, even though they both were clean inside and out. 
“Are those ribs I smell?” Chandler sniffed to the right, then to the left. The potent scent of mesquite pork was definitely in the air. The delicious fragrance had found its way from the kitchen, beyond the dining room and around the corner to the living room. It tantalized his senses.
“Yes, I heard you mention that you liked baby-back ribs on the radio and I thought you’d like to have some tonight. I got them and the rest of the food cooling on the stove.” As she spoke, she put the flowers in a clear glass vase on top of her television set, exchanging the plastic ones for real blossoms.
Chandler’s eyes bucked. “I talked about that over three weeks ago. I barely remember it, so how could you?”
“Just because I haven’t talked to you very much over the last month doesn’t mean that you haven’t talked to me on the regular.” Inaya turned around and looked pointedly at him, letting him know that she continued to listen to his show during her hiatus. “Besides, I think a lot of the things you say are relevant. Plus, I’ve been a fan of yours for years.”
Chandler’s lips formed a silent ‘O’ as understanding settled into his brain. His pulse began to race faster. He grew harder by the second knowing that she esteemed him so highly.
Oh how this woman moves me, Chandler thought, loving her all the more. He liked that Inaya didn’t pursue him in the usual way that most women did. That she showed her interest in unique ways. Her methods were five times better than all the rest. More meaningful, too.
“I know this is not regular date protocol, but can I please kiss you right now?” Chandler couldn’t wait any longer. He had to connect with her in some physical way. It had been far too long since he touched her.
Inaya smiled. “I’d like that,” she replied softly, giving him all the consent he needed.
Chandler quickly closed the distance between them. “So soft. So beautiful,” he said, tenderly caressing her mocha cheeks with his hands. “I missed you.” He bent to brush her lips with his. “Did you miss me?” He touched down lightly upon her lips again.
Inaya nodded, looking eager for another taste of his lips. “Yes,” she whispered breathlessly.
“Show me.” His lips touched down gently again, resisting the urge to kiss her hard and fast the way she usually liked it. “Show me that you’re in this thing with me one hundred percent, no matter who says or does what.” 

© 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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