Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Loving Contrasts - Chapter 14.2

With a loud moan, Inaya boldly threw her arms about his neck and attacked his lips. She explored every delicious crevice of his mouth with fervor.
Chandler returned her kiss just as fervently, practicing admirable restraint with his hands until…until his fingers came in contact with the small of her back and felt the buttery skin there. 
Things quickly escalated and intensified between them.
Grabbing her bottom with both hands, he lifted and squeezed her closer to him as he aligned his pelvis with hers. They both moaned. A grinding fest ensued.
Saturated with desire, Chandler raised her dress above her head and tossed it aside, leaving her only in a black lacy thong and a pair of strappy peach stilettos. He descended upon her full breasts, lapping at the taut peaks and sucking them one at a time. He kneaded and sandwiched the heavy globes together, pulling the tips into his mouth for a firmer suckle. Her loud moans urged him on.
Dropping to his knees, he kissed and licked his way down her torso, to her valley, and then around to her ample bottom. He squeezed, sucked, and nibbled on her cheeks while she held on to the back of the gold chair for support. The more he feasted, the weaker her knees got.
Rising to his feet again, Chandler unzipped his jeans and allowed her to feel his raw need as he stood behind her and moved his hips counterclockwise across her bottom. He would not penetrate her. He could not without protection.
“Yessssss!” Inaya moaned, following the motion of his hips with hers.
Chandler groaned with a mixture of pleasure and frustration. He wanted to go inside so badly. All the way inside. Instead he held himself in a strategic place against her valley with one hand, cupped her left breast with the other and began to mimic the act of making love. The friction was sublime. It grew hotter and slipperier by the second.
Inaya moaned again. “More,” she pleaded in a whisper. She reached down and squeezed him tighter with her right hand and her strong thighs.
Chandler sucked air through his teeth. He knew what she was asking for, what her body demanded. “I didn’t bring any condoms and we probably shouldn’t even be doing this,” he panted out, though not abating his hips. It felt too good to stop.
“I got on birth control after our last time just in case,” she replied, sounding just as breathless. “So please, baby. Please give me more.” 
He growled and tore away her thong. No more maneuvering around anything. It was time to claim this woman. His woman!
Pushing his jeans further down his hips, Chandler quickly joined them to the hilt. He had to grip the back of the chair with one hand to steady himself against the onslaught of intense sensations that ricocheted through his whole body. This was only his second time taking a woman raw. The first time had been during his first time ever having sex.
Inaya’s inner spasms began immediately. She started to buck against him. She was relentless as she arched her back and repeatedly flung her hips backward in a clockwise motion. She began to utter words he didn’t know she knew. Four-letter words. Provocative words. Words that inflamed him to take her harder, faster, and thoroughly. 

Chandler reached around and upward, squeezing both of her breasts in perfect unison with his rapid-fire thrusts. His lips took up residence at the door of her right ear and filled it with provocative words of his own. His favorite four-letter word was L-O-V-E.
“I love you,” Chandler said as her snug walls contracted and squeezed him tighter. He didn’t know how much longer he could last.
“I love…I love you, too,” Inaya replied right before she went over the edge.
He surrendered to liberation a few seconds later. “Marry me,” he whispered as their breathing patterns returned to normal.
“Marry you?” She disengaged them and began to pace the living room floor in nothing but her heels, looking even sexier than before.
“Yes, tomorrow…in Savannah,” Chandler said, already mapping out their elopement details in his mind and hoping that she understood why the haste was so necessary. He knew better than to try to date her the normal way. It was too late for that. Now that they had reopened this door, it was going to be extremely hard to shut it again. He didn’t want to. She didn’t seem to want to either.
“Tomorrow.” He nodded. “Don’t think too hard about it, princess. Just do what’s in your heart. But if you just gotta think about it even a little bit, remember that it’s better for us to marry than to keep burning with passion this way,” he said, quoting from 1 Corinthians 7:9 – a scripture he recently learned more about in Bible study.
Inaya suddenly stopped pacing. She swirled around to face him. “Did you just quote the Word on a sista?”
“A brotha sure did.” He smiled.
She shook her head at him, closed her brown pools and took in a deep shuddering breath. “Okay,” Inaya said, exhaling out her answer seconds later as she met his gaze head-on.
Chandler grinned. “Atta girl!” he replied, so proud of her for taking this big leap of faith…with him.

 © 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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    Yea Yea lakeisha

  3. Rofl! Y'all are hilarious!!!