Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Loving Contrasts - Chapter 19.1

            Inaya only had to work a half-day, so she dropped the townhouse keys and a copy of the notarized lease off to her new tenant. Then she decided to treat her husband to lunch. Instead of going out, she bought some of Chandler’s favorite takeout food and took it to his office since he had to work a double shift today. Their fellowship was just as easygoing as ever over beef and broccoli, shrimp fried rice, chicken wings, and egg rolls.
“Why did you decide to do a morning show when your voice is clearly captivating enough for one of those midnight love spots?” Inaya asked after finishing off one egg roll.
She already knew that Chandler had chosen radio over a basketball career. It was what he loved more. Plus he injured his knee one time too many to go pro.
“One second,” Chandler replied, holding up a finger as he rapidly chewed the big helping of food in his mouth.
Inaya chuckled. “You and that Paul Bunyan appetite.” As she waited for his answer, she reached into her purse for the small bottle of hot sauce that she usually carried around with her. She sprinkled some on her main entree. “Here, put a little of this on your beef.” She passed the bottle to him.

She smiled when Chandler readily complied, liberally sprinkling the red liquid upon his food. She loved the fearless way he lived his life. Besides, a little hot sauce was nothing to a man that had tried everything from bungee jumping to golf and most things in between.
“I actually used to do a night spot while attending college,” Chandler replied when his mouth was free again. “It was very successful, too. I got a lot of feedback from people telling me how the music I played put them in the mood for some baby-making activities.” He grinned, stirring his food around in the container to distribute the sauce more evenly.
Inaya snickered. “I bet it did.”
“Yep!” He chuckled. “Anyway, when I received my communications degree, I decided that my voice would be better served in the mornings when people were more alert and could really listen to relevant issues in our society. Just this morning our guest genealogy expert reunited five brothers and sisters, two fathers with their children, and one mother with her son. I can’t tell you how rewarding it’s been to be a part of those reunions. I can’t wait to see what blessings this evening’s second session will entail.”
“Keep up the great work, baby. I’m very proud of you,” Inaya said, loving him a little bit more for having the courage to follow his dream and help so many people in the process.
“Thanks.” Chandler smiled. Then he opened his mouth and piled in another hearty forkful of his entree. “Ooo…that’s hot.” He paused to chew some more. “And so good.”
Inaya moaned. What wasn’t this man passionate about?
Chandler’s left brow when up at that sound. “You all right over there?” he said after swallowing.
“No, but I will be after a sip of this tea.” She cleared her throat and took a long sip from the green plastic cup on her left.
“You sure about that?” He gave her a knowing look. “Because if you need more than tea, I can certainly accommodate you.” He licked his lips as he gave her snake print brown leather tank top and matching sexy side split skirt a thorough onceover. “In fact, I’d be thrilled to accommodate you right here and now.”
“Here?” Inaya looked around nervously. “Now?” she whispered.
“Yes.” Chandler stood to his feet. “There is a lock on the door just waiting to be used.” He walked to the door as he spoke.
Inaya’s pulse began to race. Desire pooled in her nether regions. Excitement quickly overrode any nervousness. That’s when she knew that she would once again be moving out of yet another comfort zone.  

© 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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