Friday, October 3, 2014

Loving Contrasts - Chapter 17.1

As they silently climbed the stairs to their bedroom, Chandler debated about whether or not he wanted to know every detail of Inaya’s relationship with Joe or just what happened to her after Joe abandoned her. After recalling several things that Joe said over the years concerning the beautiful black girl he dated as a teenager, he realized that he already knew all he needed to know about their relationship. He had enough information to suffice and he agreed with most of it.
Joe deemed Na-Na the one that got away because everything about her was so unforgettable.
Joe deemed Na-Na the best lover he ever had, calling her the energizer bunny because she was so insatiable in the bedroom.
Joe stated that he would always love Na-Na, not just because of her sexy body, but also because of her caring heart and brilliant mind.
Joe would try to get her back if he ever crossed her path again.
Absolutely not! Ctrl+Alt+Delete!

Inaya was unforgettable, insatiable in the bedroom, and easy to love. But she was also now Chandler’s wife and he would not share her with any man. Nor would he ever let her go.  
“The only thing I need to know about your relationship with Joe is if the feelings you had for him are dead and gone for good,” he said, closing the door behind them.
“True love is never really dead and gone. Just released to flow elsewhere,” Inaya said, sitting on the bed. “My love flows to you now and so you never have to fear anything happening between me and Joe. I pledged my heart and my body to you for the rest of my life. There will be no one else. You’re the only man I want and will ever need.”
Chandler smiled and sat down beside her. “You really know how to soothe a man’s ego.” He hugged her close.
“I know how to soothe my man’s ego,” she said, squeezing him just as possessively as she spoke.
Chandler grinned at those words and at her possessive squeeze. They comforted him. “Now tell me what happened after Joe left the scene that day,” he gently prompted. It was time to let some skeletons out the closet and bury those bones once and for all.
Inaya took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before speaking. “Well, my mother’s live-in boyfriend at the time was a man named Duncan. He came home from work early one day and caught Joe and I having sex. While he proceeded to kick Joe out downstairs, I quickly redressed upstairs. I just knew Duncan was going to tell my mother when she came home. I was so scared.” She paused and took another deep breath to steady herself before going on.
Chandler squeezed her closer, hoping to pour some of his strength into her.
“When Duncan came back upstairs, he proceeded to tell me that he would keep my little secret if…” She paused and took another deep breath. “…if I slept with him and did all the things that I’d just done with my boyfriend. He even named a few of them.”
“What! In order to know that he must have stood outside your bedroom and watched.” Chandler curled the fingers of his free hand tightly into a fist while the other hand continued to hold her protectively to his side.
Inaya nodded, her face full of disgust at those memories. “That’s exactly what he’d done. The sick pervert waited until me and Joe had just finished before bursting into the room. He wanted me to lose my virginity, so that he could be next in line.” She scoffed. “I showed him though. I undressed and pretended to go along with what he proposed until I could think of a way out. He was physically stronger than me, so I knew I couldn’t stop him from taking me by force if it came to that. The thick amount of filthy lust floating around in his eyes told me that I couldn’t reason with him to leave me alone either. Duncan was determined to have me.”
“How did you get out of that situation? Or did you get out of that situation in time?” Chandler could feel the tension in his shoulders growing tighter and tighter with each secret detail she revealed. He held his breath…waiting…waiting for her to tell him that she’d been violated in the worst way. And yet he hoped against hope that she hadn’t.

© 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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