Friday, October 3, 2014

Loving Contrasts - Chapter 15.1

Chandler and Inaya took their dinner on the road with them that Friday night. They ate barbecue ribs, homemade potato salad, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and fresh yeasts rolls all the way to Savannah. By the time they made it to the bed and breakfast resort where their wedding would take place in the morning, they were good and full. They were also very tired.  
Though they slept in the same bed that night, all they did was cuddle and talk until they went to sleep. They were too tired to do anything else. It had been a long and eventful day. Plus they’d done enough sinning for one day.
Saturday was a different story. Once they exchanged heartfelt I-do’s at the resort’s romantic beachside gazebo, they returned to their room where Inaya did her best to put the honey in honeymoon. She literally dripped honey in strategic places all over Chandler’s body, then took her sweet time licking it off.
He went over the edge within a matter of minutes.
Next Inaya rubbed scented oil all over him, kneading and massaging his muscles as she went along, giving him time to recover his strength. Her ears fed off his moans of pleasure. Her eyes fed off those heated looks he gave her.
Her mouth…well, she kept both of their mouths busy with lots of kisses and other creative things. While Janet Jackson’s Would You Mind played in the background, she did a lot of Miss Jackson inspired things to him. That grownup music was for grownup people doing grownup things.
When Chandler was at full attention again, Inaya straddled him and slowly slid down the hardened length of him until they were completely united. With the heat in her body at an all-time high, she began to slide up and down his long slippery frame in blazing passion.
Chandler quickly matched her rhythm. He moved with an effortless tempo that hinted at his natural dancing ability, destroying yet another stereotype that Inaya heard about white men from her mother. What else had Uzuri lied to her about?
Pushing all disturbing thoughts aside, she refocused completely on pleasing her husband. Grateful for the various exercise regimens Kali taught her over the years, she rose to a squatting position, used his chest for support, and then proceeded to lift and descend upon Chandler until he was shouting her name repeatedly.
Rather than go over the edge alone again, he flipped her over on her back and went for broke. Inaya felt massaged from the inside out as he stroked her to oblivion…twice.
They continued to make love throughout the day and night. Each time wilder than the last. Everyone at the resort knew their names before the night was over. And for the first time in her life, Inaya was neither embarrassed nor ashamed to be in an interracial relationship.
Chandler and Inaya headed back to Montrose around noon on Sunday. So caught up in their wedded bliss, they forgot to tell their families the good news. He called his parents on the way back. Overjoyed, the Edenfields called and told the rest of the family, quickly creating a party line.
Inaya couldn’t stop smiling at their positive reaction to the elopement. It made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Especially when they asked her to join the call.
Things rapidly changed when it was Inaya’s turn to tell her family. She only made one call – to her sister, which she placed on speakerphone. As expected Kali was shocked. She was also very supportive.
“I told you to give Chandler another chance with a date. I didn’t tell you to go marry the man. Even so, I’m very proud of you for abandoning your comfort zones,” Kali said, talking a mile a minute in her excitement.
Inaya laughed. “Let’s just say that dating Chandler without getting him and myself into trouble was no longer an option.” She looked over at him and smiled. “Plus, I really do love this man.” She blew him a kiss when he smiled at her in return.
“Aww…you gone make me cry,” Kali replied.
“Cry all you want, but whatever you do, don’t tell Mama,” Inaya said, looking out the passenger window now to avoid seeing the frown that she knew was on her husband’s face. “I prefer to tell her in person…in my own timing.”

“I completely understand,” Kali replied. “Your secret is safe with me. They all are. I just want you to be happy.”
“Thanks, Kali. I knew I could count on you.” Inaya smiled. When they concluded the call, she sent her sister one of the wedding photos that had been taken after the brief ceremony.
“Is it really that bad between you and your mother that you can’t even share this kind of good news with her?” Chandler said, drawing her attention to him again.
“Yep.” Inaya sighed. “I will tell her about us…eventually. Right now I don’t want anyone spoiling this happy time in my life. And she, my dear husband, would spoil it until it stunk like rotten eggs.”
Chandler’s frown deepened. “I see. I guess that’s one more thing to add to my prayer list. God gave you to me, He’ll take care of the rest of the things that concern me.”

© 2014 by Suprina Frazier

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