Friday, October 11, 2013

A Wife Scorned

Looking out her bedroom window, Connie Paige inhaled deeply of her cigarette as she watched her estranged husband pull into the driveway of their home.
That’s right, little fly. Come farther into this web, she thought, taking another drag from the cancer stick in her right hand.
Smoking was yet another bad habit that Connie formed since…
Since Brice violated their eighteen-year marriage.
Greedy bastard!
He’d had everything with her. She spoiled him rotten. She thought she had spoiled him for any other woman, too, but that proved to be a lie.
Brice told Connie so many lies during his secret affair. Now she returned the favor at each encounter. And to think, she used to be such a lover of truth before he corrupted her with his betrayal.
Connie was about to lie again today…with her lips and her hips. Her kisses would all be fake. So would every thrust. She didn’t want Brice back. All she wanted was…
Revenge for him cheating on her, getting his mistress pregnant, and then openly living with the tramp, even though he wasn’t divorced yet.
Connie didn’t care that his mistress miscarried their illegitimate child just three months into the pregnancy. All she cared about was her own pain. About the humiliation she felt upon learning the truth. About the fact that she’d been a dutiful wife through all of Brice’s ups and downs. Downs which had greatly outnumbered his up times over the years.
I should have cheated when I had the chance to, Connie thought, recalling her own opportunity to have a torrid workplace affair. But no, she wanted to honor their vows more than she wanted to satisfy her flesh. Today she would satisfy his flesh one more time in hopes of finally making her revenge complete.
* * *
Connie smiled to herself as Brice sat mesmerized on the edge of the bed while she performed an exotic dance for him a few feet away. Jamie Foxx’s Overdose played in the background.
This dance was only a small part of her plan to entice him away from his mistress, get him emotionally invested in their marriage again, and then dump him cold for ever thinking he could devastate her life the way he had.
“Why didn’t you do this kind of stuff when we were still together?” Brice asked with lust dripping from his eyes like raindrops. Drool gathered in the right corner of his mouth.
Connie cringed inside at his insinuation that there had been some deficiency in her that caused him to stray when the deficiency had been in him. All Brice had to do was proclaim that he wanted a more adventuresome sex life and it would have been a done deal. Better yet, he could have taken the initiative and created more adventure instead of going outside their marriage.
Instead of replying to his question, Connie continued to move the red beads seductively over her shiny naked body. Every inch of her had been oiled to perfection to pull this bead trick off. 
Brice moved closer to touch her with large hands made callus from years of construction work.
Connie made herself not recoil at his touch. She used to love his hands upon her body once upon a time. Used to get monsoon soaked at his slightest caress.
That was then. This is now. Now she just tolerated his touch. Now only the thrill of revenge made her tropical.
Moving the beads between her legs, Connie slid them smoothly through her valley. “Hide and go seek, papi,” she said, uttering his favorite endearment as her hips continued to move hypnotically.
“Yesss…mami.” Brice moaned loudly and promptly sent a hand on a search-and-rescue mission. His fingers pulled the string of beads from their hidden place one bead at a time. More moans accompanied each new release.
Connie relished his eagerness. It made her feel one step closer to victory. Now it was time to ensure that victory.
Straddling Brice’s lap, Connie quickly protected them and then slid down his granite length.
Up, she went soon thereafter. It was time to mess with his head, literally and figuratively.
Connie practiced that sequence repeatedly until Brice’s hazel eyes started to roll to the top of his eyelids and beyond. Suddenly she thrust downward, using her inner muscles to clench at him during the descent.
He whimpered from the pleasure. “You still got it, girl.”
“Too bad this is the last time you’re going to get it,” Connie replied, clenching at him tighter during her slow circular ascent.
Brice’s eyes fought to refocus. “Huh? What?”
“You heard right. This is our last rendezvous. I’m tired of sharing you. I’ve decided to divorce you and move on with my life. It’s time for another man to get all this.” She squeezed him even tighter before slamming downward for a time of rowdy riding.
Hi-yo, Silver. Away!
It was three whole minutes before Brice could speak a coherent word. “I…I don’t want a divorce. I can’t lose you…this. I’m ready to come back home, baby,” he panted out, holding her close to him as their breathing patterns regulated.
Bingo! Connie mused triumphantly.
Unfortunately for her, the elation she thought she would feel from this victory was fleeting. She realized now that no lasting pleasure could come from degrading herself this way. No woman should have to use her body to secure the favor of a man. Especially a man that proved to be so unworthy of her time, energy, and most of all, her love.
With those realizations at the forefront of her mind, Connie disengaged them and stood to her feet. “I don’t want you back. I want me back.” Then she turned around and took liberated steps towards the bathroom for the hottest shower she could stand.
As for Brice, Connie could care less what he did or who he did it with from now on.
The End
    2010 by Mi’Chelle Dodson/Suprina Frazier

Note: (Written in July 2010 for the “Less is More” writing challenge on the Chamber. Staying under 1,000K was hard for a wordy girl like me, but doable:

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