Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pulling Him Back - Ch. 42.1

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  1. Wow, Abby is leaving Parnell. May I ask why?

    I know what he did to Meak was fowl but I think that's a bit dramatic on her part, especially since she was about to do the same with Sasha and Xena.

    I think this should be a lesson that they both learn from and strengthen their relationship. Letting Sasha get her way with Parnell is not something I like hearing.

    Jealousy is Parnell's problem and this should be an opportunity for him to learn from it and become a better man, friend, husband, and father

  2. Paula: Abby is upset because Parnell left her hanging (will be featured in later posts). He took her picture and exploited it without her permission and then didn't answer the phone when she tried to get him to explain the situation.

    It's bad when your own husband leaves you hanging when everybody looking at you like you're the bad guy.